Healing from Yahweh, Raphael and Metatron

I just wanted to share the healing I’ve been getting from Yahweh, Raphael and Metatron. I’ve noticed three different types of healing going on. The most noticeable is the clearing out of heavy, negative and dense emotions and/or energies. It feels sharp at times in certain chakra areas which I’m sure are old and negative energies breaking apart and dissolving. Another sensation that I know is healing is an almost stomach ache like feeling but more subtle and includes a hotness to it which lets me know it’s energy dissolving. The last healing process I wanted to explain is more subtle and I’m still not 100% sure if it’s real or my mind but I’ve been getting a massage-type feeling in certain parts of my brain and I think it might be rewiring to help me recover from PTSD and to also help me process emotions more thoroughly so I don’t have so much backed up negative energies to heal/cleanse in the first place.
Hope this helps or was interesting. Please share what sensations you get from healing entities/energies and any healing experiences you’ve had. Thank you!


I also wanted to note that I began researching the areas of the brain where I have been feeling the massage sensation and a lot of it has been in the Prefrontal Cortex which is one of the main areas in the brain affected by trauma so it leads to be believe this is probably a rewiring of the circuits and that’s cool as fuck to me because I was only really focused on the body at the time.