Healing From Traumatic Past Lives

Our personalities are chosen before we’re born, along with lessons to learn, places to go, and people to see.

Your soul comes into each life with plans, goals, and millennia of experience, like a computer that comes out of the box loaded with software, games and apps.

With multiple lifetimes of experience behind it, you’d think your soul would have all the answers. Sadly, that’s not the case.**

Your soul is on a long journey here on the earthly plane, coming back time and time again to pick up new knowledge, and to learn what it is to be human.

If your soul had all the answers, there wouldn’t be much point in the game.

As it is, your soul uses the process of reincarnation to explore every facet of life for the growth it offers. During the process, it bounces from one traumatic event to another like a kangaroo in a minefield.

Are all your past lives awful?

The answer is no. Most of your past lives have been pretty mundane, spent working the land or baking bread in a monastery, interacting with other souls to work on shared agreements, and learning about cooperation and other important aspects of human life.

Though there are techniques to access those more tranquil lives for healing, it’s the dramatic and eventful ones that contain the trauma that so affects you now.

So, they’re the ones that come up most frequently when you’re working to uncover them.

Your soul, in its relentless search for enlightenment, wants to roll up its sleeves when it gets here, and get involved in life. It seeks to explore and investigate. If it didn’t, we’d all still be in Africa chipping arrowheads from bits of flint and not evolving at all.

To ensure maximum growth, your soul creates a plan for each life that includes the places to go, people to meet, lessons to learn, and missions to be accomplished.

The problem is that things don’t always go according to plan. You might have chosen your circumstances—family of origin and location—with the intention of studying mathematics and becoming a teacher. But when your father loses the family home, you get pressed into service in the navy, and die after years before the mast from scurvy. Or maybe you planned to be a doctor, marry a soulmate and raise a family but instead, ended up face down in the mud on a with a bullet in your head.

For a past life to create a fear, phobia, limiting belief, or other block, something has to happen to take you off the path, to radically interfere with your ability to follow your soul’s plan.

It may seem obvious, but death is the big one. Premature appointments with the Grim Reaper take you off the plan like nothing else.

But many other experiences will do the same. Poverty, when it’s not part of the plan, can create huge fears around loss and an awareness that bad things can and do happen. Slavery, again when it’s not something your soul intended, creates a huge resistance to being controlled or having your personal freedom curtailed.

In my experience, the most incredible healing has come from uncovering the past-life source of present-day blocks. I’ve been working on blocks and past life healing for years. I have had numerous lifetimes and I have to deal with this crap or it will cause damage in this life, too.

And the key is always to remind your soul that it can release the fear that whatever terrible thing happened to it 500 years ago is not going to happen again. @Purple …I deeply feel that you could benefit from doing this past life work.

You can uncover 300 traumatic past lives but if you still hang onto that pain, then it didn’t serve its purpose and you’re doomed to repeat it until you deal with it.

My own mother in very ancient times, allowed priests to sacrifice me in a pit sacrifice. This left me with past life pain of abandonment, fear of deep dark places, fear of heights, hatred for religion and a deep fear of Egypt. I followed my mothers soul from life to life several times until I remembered the skills required to take a look back and ask her higher self WTF?! I got my answer. I won’t follow her anymore. She’s still a c*nt, and that’s NEVER going to change because she’s a really young soul. But at least now my confusion is gone. I understand the fears of the dark and high places now. I understand better my hatred for religion and the fact that I was sacrificed to a Pretender made me realize why. I realized how easily people could be swayed by charismatic figures lauding their religions and lying to people all because the voice in their head said so. Back in the day, I’m sure priests fell prey to that.

I have dozens of other stories I could tell. But once you uncover the past lives, and place each event into some part of your current life where you are struggling, some of those struggles melt away.


I can second this, I acquired a lot of power I didn’t even realise I was missing from this, I actually integrated that past-life personality into myself: That Moment When: The Original Series

Great post. :+1:

PS you weren’t here then but we did a group working related to this, people may be able to adapt some of the concepts in it: Join me - March 1st 2018, Opening The Gates


That’s very interesting, the integration.

I’ll check out the group working…


That was a good group working session. I didn’t read through the entire thread, but the OP. It’s a good concept.


Archaelous asked me not reveal anything until after the New Year. He is helping me with the issues you bring up.

Other issue is I’m not comfortable with sharing publicly my past lives because its just not about me. There are several people here I share them with.

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Nobody asked you to reveal anything or talk about anything publicly. I said it was something I felt you could benefit from doing the work with because you seem to be consumed negatively by things that seem to stem from those lives. I’m glad you’re working on those things, by yourself or with whoever.

You need not bite the hand that feeds you…in this case, wise and timely advice.


The only past life of mine that I know about ended in a pretty fucked way. Got shot in the back by Allied soldiers (Probably British) when me and my squad were trying to retreat from the village we couldn’t hold anymore. I was the last of my squad alive, and when they went to confirm my death, I heard them say to let me bleed out and save the ammo.


The only death I recall is falling off a tree. :neutral_face:

Edit… Of course that explains much… Like physical pains I have on my back while all my scans come back clear… And also explains my acrophobia.


I am more indignant than anything from the last one I remember. I don’t care if you kill me or cannibalize me but for fucks sake kill and then eat not the other damn way around.
I am sure everyone here can agree that if you are going to physically eat someone they should be dead first and not eaten alive. Like how hard is that?
Atleast now I get the satisfaction of watching the people responsible screw themselves over. I am just waiting for the ultimate irony of any of them getting eaten… which I think might have already happened.


I used to speak of my previous life when I was a small child. It freaked my Mother out when she heard details of my drowning. It would explain my fear of water being as bad as what it is. I can’t remember anything about it at all now, not even talking about it back then.


Any suggestions as far as practical techniques for seeing your past lives?


There are multiple YT videos for it.

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Sure, just curious if there were any in particular you’d recommend and/or have had good experiences with. :+1:

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Ainslie Macleod has a good regression program but I dont think its on YT. I just experiment


Rick & Morty spring to mind. I’m not fond of reincarnation. Pretty sure my first and only rodeo. I just see no point in it. This plan stuff and karma pot sounds like machinations of control. I’m not fond on controlling beings for some “game.”

(Ironic as I used to play video games and such)

Cool, I’ll check him out. I definitely like to experiment as well but when I’m just starting out in something I find it useful to get pointers from more experienced folks. I guess it’s both the blessing and the curse of the Internet that you can find anything in just a few keystrokes–the problem becomes identifying what’s helpful & valid in a sea of misinformation and people who have no idea what they’re talking about (which becomes especially problematic with occult matters :wink:).

So when you do your regressions, is it mainly a matter of setting your specific intention and getting into a deep trance state with guided meditation or do you find the experiences happen more or less spontaneously while undergoing self-exploration? Are they all experienced first-hand like you’re reliving it or have you witnessed any from a third-person perspective?


I ask my spirit guides to reveal the past life memories that I need to work on, those in my best interest.

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Ah, gotcha. So they would pick the perspective you see it from too? :thinking:

I’m just wondering if it’s like dreams where you can either experience it first-hand or sometimes it’s in a third-person view where the person you’re seeing is you.

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I usually see it first hand…