Healing Frequencies

Hey All,

I am wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the supposed healing frequencies you can find on YouTube?

There are a whole lot of them, for healing your vision, or your teeth, or whole body regeneration, or “youthing.” The list goes on. They consist of frequencies of various Hz layered with music,

I have bad teeth, and I have been listening to the video for healing teeth regularly and, though I feel some sort of energies in my teeth, and occasional pain, I do not see any sort of actual physical improvement. As with all YouTube videos it’s hard to know what comments are real and what are from trolls so I thought I’d ask the forum for any experiences.



I’ll look for the healing chart I have somewhere tonight. Not sure I have the frequency, but I will have the key and color, you can google the frequency with that info.

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I don’t need frequencies, my friend. i’m looking for anyone who has had success with such things as are available on Youtube.


Ah. Can’t help ya there.

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Well i don’t know if it is proof, but I’ve been dealing with physical injury to my legs. So i got this test done, called an EMG. They stick needles into the nerves and send electrical currents into them and do an untra sound at the same time to see what nerves are getting stimulated to track the healing. Fun. To say the least. So. As luck would have it I’ve had to do this particular test not once, but 3 times. The last time they did it they said the nerves were still healing which the dic i mean doc said usualy does not happen. In most cases the healing stops months ago. I have been doing healing magick and energy work to stimulate nerve regeneration in my legs. So that tells me that what I have been doing is working. And I plan on keeping it up. Now. I don’t know about your videos and the sound frequencies. But its all about frequency and vibration. So I’d say do that but add your own energies to it for whatever you are trying to heal. Nothing beats a failure but a “try” and a quitter never wins. So just don’t quit!

I have tried several sound frequencies but I stopped because they caused me serious disruptions. They affected my mind, thoughts, emotions and caused me physical symptoms also. Some people can develop symptoms of schizophrenia because those sounds. BTW, some say the natural frequency is 432 Hz not the actual 440 Hz which was adopted in the 50’s.

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Activate your palm chakras and start healing.

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I’ve been doing much research into it and developing methods to apply to Magick. I’m also a musician and audio engineer. I’ll say this, while reviewing the frequency charts there’s not much room for error in some of the frequencies for healing and the ones for destruction. Myself I would create my own MP3’s to ensure the correct frequencies are used. And with the Binaural Beats technique there’s a lot of frequencies that could be snuck in without ones knowledge.

4.5hz Paranoia
6.66hz Depression
11.30hz Rage and Violance