Healing Eyesight


I have been looking for a way to cure my poor eyesight (myopia) through occult means, of which there seem to be many methods. My first thought was that Evocation of a healing entity would be my best bet, but I am wondering if anyone knows of alternatives that have worked for them, such as herbal remedies, healing exercises, etc. I would prefer this remain factual rather than theoretical, but any help would be very much appreciated.


Shaolin Eye Exercises:

Taken from a Q&A

"I believe that if you practice the Shaolin Eight Eye Techniques, you may improve your eye conditions sufficiently so that the operation may not be needed. These Eye Techniques have helped many people with eye problems, including myself and my children who were told by eye specialists to wear glasses but did not need to do so after practicing the exercises.

Not only the Eye Techniques are highly effective, they are also safe to be practiced on your own without a master’s supervision. These wonderful Shaolin Eight Eye Techniques are as follows. All the exercises are performed while standing upright in a relaxed manner. Those too weak to stand, may sit upright.

Technique 1 — Counting Leaves.Stand a comfortable distance from a tree or plant and count its green lieaves with your eyes. Start with 50 leaves, then gradually increase the number to 300, increasing a few leaves after a few days.

Technique 2 — Rolling Stars.With the eyes open, roll both eyeballs in big circles (as big as possible) 10 times one side, and then 10 times the other side.

Technique 3 — Angry Eyes.Open both eyes as big as possible, then shut them as tightly as possible. Repeat about 10 times.

Technique 4 — Far and Near.Stare at a distant object, like a cloud or a tree on a faraway mountain, for a few seconds, then stare at a nearby object, like the tip of your nose or some grainds of sand on your feet, for a few seconds. Repeat about 10 times.

Technique 5 — Focusing One.Gently stare at a point about 5 to 10 feet in front of you with steady eyes as long as you can, which may range from a few seconds to a few minutes. At first your eyes will become tired or painful, and tears may roll down. This is part of the training or recovery process. Initially when your staring time is short, you may repeat the exercise a few times, but as your eyesight improves gradually you can stare at the point for many minutes comfortably and steadily.

Technique 6 — Nourishing Spirit.Gently close your eyes and let your chi (energy) nourish your eyes and spirit. At first you may feel your eyes itchy. This is a good sign indicating that chi is working at your eye problems. As you progress, you will find your eyes restful and your mind fresh. (Note: “Nourishing Spirit” may appear similar to but is actually different from “Standing Meditation”. But students need not worry about the differences.)

Technique 7 — Point Massage.Massage the face with both palms and then using your fingers massage energy points around the eyes, at the base of the nose, at the temples (here, use the base of the palms to massage) and behind the ears. If you do not know where the energy points are, just massage the face, round the eyes, nose and ears.

Technique 8 — Heavenly Drum.Close your ears firmly with your palms and strike the back of your head with your fingers 24 times. You should hear inside your head sounds like a resonating drum.

Practice once every morning. At first, start with Technique 1 and complete with Techniques 7 and 8. After about a week or two of daily practice, add Technique 2, then Technique 3, and so on. Then practice all the Eight Techniques in that order in one session.

Like all other chi kung exercises, these Shaolin Eight Eye Techniques are not just for those with eye problems. Those with healthy eyes will also gain much benefit from these techniques. Not only their eyesight is good (even at an elderly age), but also their spirit is fresh. The saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul is not just poetically but also factually true."


Interesting, I will try it.


Wow - talk about synchronicity. hah. I have just recently (about a week ago) taken up this same search, Darkness.
Thanks Darkness, for asking the question - and Neeros, for giving an interesting answer. :slight_smile:


Darkness - I have also been looking into using Euphrasia. Getting the actual herb, make a tea of it. Drop a few drops of the tea into some water that is about 70 degrees F. Then, impregnate the water with healing energy and thought impressions of perfect eye sight. Use a shot glass or a special eye cup and thoroughly wash your eye in the cup - feeling the poor eyesight leaving your eyes and going into the mixture while the healing energy of the tea and water take its place in your eyes. Remember to dump the contaminated water.
Apparently this works extremely well when you are in a deep trance. I’m sure you can find more on this technique should you search for it. It is also well described in Initiation Into Hermetics (god damnit, there I go again with ol’ Bardon :P)


The theory behind this is that the Euphrasia will absorb and retain the sickness, yes? I too came upon the Bardonian eye bath but was a bit skeptical about putting strange herbs in my eyes. You seem more well versed in Bardon than I, is it true this eye bath will also enhance clairavoyant vision as well as physical sight?


Since my eyesight is poorly to, I would like to start the Shaolin Eight Eye Techniques. but I have a question about that. Do you do the exercises with or without your glasses?
Thanks a lot for the question and for the answers in this tread.



You can use eyebright for both methods. One to improve the eyesight, and another technique for improving the astral vision and clairvoyant abilities. In fact, the technique for improving your astral sight is in step 7 of his training - which is pretty well up there in abilities. But from reading through it, it sounds extremely intense. In fact, he states that after ward, you are to expel the energy from the exercise otherwise you will become unable to distinguish between spiritual and physical matters … I think … hold on, that might be a different technique …
ah - yeah, it’s several techniques but he describes several ways to mix them and use them together. He sounds pretty confident that it will bring excellent eyesight while immensely improving your astral sight.
I’ve definitely gotta try this…
So yeah, it’s in step 7. Just find a pdf and search for ‘eyebright’ - the techniques cover a good several pages, otherwise I would have summed it up and posted it :slight_smile:


I have used a tea made of eyebright in the past as an eyewash…I had no problems with it at all…in fact I believe everyone would benefit from it.



I was also going to say eyebright. I have not used it to help my eyes, but I do use all the time for studying for my tests. I just keep the herb in my purse, and brew it into tea to drink as well. I wonder if I could use the eyebright tea as an eyedrop/rewetting drop while wearing my contacts??? I wonder how long it would keep?


This is extremely painful and possibly dangerous as hell, but I once accidentally sprayed my homemade habenero water into my eyes. It hurt like hell, but significantly improved my eyesight for about 24 hours to a really amazing level. I think that a regimen of that could actually really help my eyes… but it HURT… haven’t been able to bring myself to do it again. lol For someone who’s extremely pain tolerant, might work. If anyone tries it, you’d need to research the affects of prolonged exposure to capsaicin on the eyeball. I don’t know if this would be safe to do regularly, but I know for sure it gives my eyesight an instant 24 hour boost.


Holy shit! Ouch!!! It would probably work well for removing cataracts I bet, lol! I do know that once some asshole poured a bottle of pure habanero sauce over my head and it very literally burned my flesh, took off a thin layer, blistered up, etc…


uggh yeah mine was habanero’s I grew, juiced, strained, then diluted with water. Nowhere near pure sauce!


Diluted down habanero juice (way diluted) would seem to make since though, depending on what your actual eye problem was. Im sure it would cleanse the eye and increase blood flow through the vessels… but still, ouch!!! lol


Probably not, as it would not be making full contact with the physical eye, and the prescription contact would blur all vision improvement.


Euphrasia is widely used here in Europe amongst homeopaths. I used it on my kids when they were babies and had eye or nose infections. Clears it up nicely.



oh my hell, Ridge - haha, that sounds really unpleasant :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad it didn’t do the opposite :slight_smile:
Beboe - you might be onto something - like, 1 drop to 500ml or something could be a safe place to start.


Raphael is going to be your best bet