Healing, but not the physical type

Cordial greetings to all who may read this.

This is my second post, after introductions; not sure if this topic belongs in this line, but I’m here more for questions than I am comments, and I haven’t been able to come up with an answer after a long perusal.

I have been in a relationship with a woman for little over ten years, but since about five or six years ago, it has been an awful mess. I won’t lie; I’ve been a dick. Been a dick to the point where I secretly am deeply troubled and ashamed of myself. At the beginning, she was all I ever desired; I realize a lot of people say that about their relationships at the beginning, but this was the summit for me. I’d never been so bewitched, so in love, so carnally floored…she was It and everything. The difference between things then and things now is…immense. Ive done a lot of things I shouldn’t have, and despite all genuine efforts, it’s like this sickly relationship just gets sicker. I feel like I’m dimming her light and darkening my own. I can’t tell anymore if it’s me, or her, if I should stay, if it’s better to go… The thing is, despite everything, I’ve never wanted to hurt her. Never wanted anything bad to happen to her. Regardless. But, the truth is, out of all the things in my life right now, this is the ONE problem I wish I could wave a magic wand and have it go away (or be resolved).

Which brings me to my question and purpose for this post: what spirit or entity would help with healing a relationship and the people involved? What would be the procedure to bring about such a manifestation? I don’t think I want anything as bad, in terms of desire.
I would’ve rathered not come here with this air of needing help or anything…but ya know…ya’ read of all these good things that come about from these supposed magicians working with spirits for this and that…and I don’t really need all that. All I want is to undo the damage of all these years in anger and ignorance; for her to be happy again, her old bright self again…even if it’s without me.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Good day


I would recommend Lotir from Kingdoms of Flame to cure the relationship if it’s a true love deal. That’s her power. A spirit for healing the psyche is unknown to me.

I would recommend working with “Psyche” the goddess consort of Eros, read her myths you surely will be able to relate to her history, then ask her for a way to solve this.
I think you could get great help from her, she might indicate you to work with Aphrodite as well.
anyway if you work with goddess Psyche she will let you know how to mend things up.