Healing and cures

Good morning lovely people, I have a question that’s been bothering me and I would like some info on that.

Can black magic cure incurable diseases like HIV or Cancer…

Does anyone know for sure, not just speculation.

If so, which spirit or spirits that can be evoked to cure these things for sure?

Thx for your time!

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I’m not completely sure about curing the incurable, but some amazing healing spirits are Lady Verrine, President Marbas, President Buer, Lady Unsere, Lord Uphir, Lord Beelzebub, and Archangel Raphael. There is probably more but those are the only ones I can recall off of the top of my head. Best of luck. :heart:


I have mixed feelings about this, there are scammers and quacks all over claiming they can do this. Meanwhile, there have been a few seemingly credible miraculous stories of serious illnesses being cured spiritually.

At the end of the day I think while it IS possible it is very difficult to achieve.



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I appreciate it. thank you! :+1:

I won’t say it’s impossible. I know Sapien Medicine has good frequcies that can help with this I mean it helped me with my hip issues.

Hel (yes she has a healing aspect), Eir (A Valkry), there is a healing aspect of Vishnu who I have forgotten, AA Raphael, Shiva (especially his Rudra aspect), Apollo, Fenrir, Persephone, Sekhmet, Bast, Any of the Vedic Gods (yes I do mean any) and several Spirit Animals can help. I’m also familiar with one Dragon who can help very well in this area with the price being planting trees but I don’t remember the name.

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I appreciate the help my friend.

However, I am not familiar with any of those lol (beginner here). You mind elaborate a bit?

Thanks again for the help!

Chlorine dioxide.
I’ve posted. Been there. Done that.


One particular case that happened to me a couple of years ago, was when I was working very closely with Inanna. On another forum, she took interest in a guy who was suffering from an incurable (though not terminal, just chronic) condition, Hidradenitis Supparativa.

He was a suicide risk, according to the guy (a forum moderator at the time) who posted his story.

Inanna wanted to help her, so I contacted the guy via PM, explained what would happen and asked for a photo.

About 2 days later Inanna showed up in person at the person’s apartment. She appeared as a benevolent presence, a light being. He could feel being gently tapped on the right shoulder and knew instantly that it was Inanna and she was there to help him. She described the presence as “loving”.

He relaxed and she started working on him. He felt like he wasn’t in his body any more and that time lost all meaning. She did energy work on him and he could feel heat as well as a peculiar, but pleasant vibration in his bones.

He did not know how long it lasted, but was quite amazed at what had taken place. About a week in, he noticed a 30 percent improvement in his condition (which is a very painful and debilitating skin condition with lesions) and was feeling a lot better, energised and optimistic.

Unfortunately, at that point, I was permanently banned from that forum (not least for this episode and supposedly endangering the community by working with such “dangerous” entities) and I lost all contact with the persons involved. Still wonder sometimes if the person eventually fully healed, though I felt he may have needed a few more sessions to complete the healing process.

In subsequent years, Inanna also visited others I know for healing on a few occasions, though I must say, the results were never miraculous, more like gradual improvements in the affected persons’ condition.

Hope that was helpful.