Healing a Dog

My old dog has an injury. What, I don’t know, but it’s in her back left leg and the vet around here is an ostentatious asswipe who hates me. Plus he costs way too much. I’ve tried all of my energetic healings, but I don’t even know what’s going on and my divination skills aren’t up to par.

I worry that my skills won’t develop fast enough to help her.

So, I need advice. Any entity I can contact, any energies I can attune myself to, frequencies to align myself with, hell, I’d be willing to undergo possessions.

Something, anything. Please. Nothing seems to work.

Raphael, or Marbas.

Thanks Oris. I’ll check them both out.

I’ll report back when things happen.


Quick question, should I follow the methods of conjuration mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon, or do what comes instinctively? And should the Universal Circle be used?

Using whatever method of conjuration you prefer should be fine. Both Marbas and Raphael are evoked together in Evoking Eternity (I believe its in Ch. 8) so if you are using EA’s methods, the UC should be perfect.

Just my 2 cents. Take as you will.

Thanks for the response King. I’m going to try a certain combination of occult techniques that I thought of. When it works, I’ll let you know. I will take your advice in the method of conjuration.


Interesting. I’ve never looked into the “new avatar power” or mystic grimoires. I’ll make a note of this for future use. If you don’t mind my asking, do you generally evoke them for such tasks?

I’ll look into it if my workings don’t happen in the required timeframe. Which they will. They MUST.

You could try the “lower world” journey described here (I don’t know if you’ve already practised some of this stuff) - [url=http://www.corpshaman.com/exercises.asp]http://www.corpshaman.com/exercises.asp[/url]

The “lower world” accessed in this paradigm isn’t hellish or anything potentially harmful, it’s the place of animal and earthly-type spirits, things relating a lot to nature, and you may be able to find a helper spirit there who can advise you.

You could also use the method I described here to access the “upper world” and intend to speak to your dog’s Higher Self (they have them and they’re very often a good source of info) - my current dog’s HS gave me info that allowed me to cure the mange he had when I adopted him without needing veterinary “help” - he needed gelatine and fish oil in his diet, no cereals at all, so I followed this and the mange was gone within weeks.

Good luck with this!

I’ve already experienced results! Well, an early form of them, at least.

I opened Marbas’ sigil and sent him to heal the injury. I also created a thoughtform, empowered by Raphael, to ward off bone injury for the rest of her natural life.

She couldn’t get up pre-working. Whenever she tried, she slid to her feet. Post-working, however, not only did she sit up about a half hour later, but on her first attempt at walking, she didn’t slip and walked with confidence.

Thanks for the recommendations, everyone! It helped her, I could see it.

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