Head Zapping Ritual

Here’s a little something that’s bargain basement easy to learn and very quick acting. After you can deliver it with undoubting passion to the four directions the results will come. When you feel the need or have the opportunity evoke this powerful energy, the more often the more profound the effects.

Years ago I used the banishing pentagram then just evoked. I know what the effects will be, but you tell me. O! And have fun!


The Lesser Headless Evocation

I am the Headless daemon with sight in my feet;

I am the Mighty One who possesseth the immortal fire;

I am the Truth who hateth the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world;

I am the One that maketh the lightning flash and the thunder roll;

I am the One whose sweat is the heavy rain, which falleth upon the earth that it might be inseminated (or for women, fruitful);

I am the One whose mouth is utterly aflame;

I am the One who begeteth and destroyeth;

I am a God(dess) of the Aeon; my name is [Your Magickal name];

Come forth

And follow.



Good stuff, thanks!! :thumbsup:

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@Uncle-Al I feel a surge of power rush through me the moment I speak the last word (Me…). I also seem to feel a bit lightheaded.

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Keep at it. The power surge is to be expected as is being lightheaded. See how quickly this works and with practice just gets better?



@Uncle-Al Thank you

I read your post commenting on this ritual in another topic.

My question is: what kind of results does this produce?

Alienation. The lhp is based upon alienation and separation. I have nothing but contempt and hatred for the herd and My Work is based upon that.