He sees me as the Tarot 7 of Swords?

I have layered up work on a target who originally saw me in pre spell divination as the Queen of Wands or the Lovers.

He now sees me as the 7 of Swords, how would you interpret a mans feelings towards a woman as the 7 of swords?

I understood all of the other cards,but this confuses me

He was a hex target who was a nasty piece of work.

7 of Swords? Depends on question and other cards in the reading. But it makes me think maybe he sees you as a Con Woman attempting to steal things like a gold digger =) or maybe your just trying to steal ideas as swords represents air?


He thought I was a willing victim, he is a con man. I gave him some of his own medicine and so I think he sees me differently now. :slight_smile:
It was a post hex reading on his emotions and the how he sees me card is this one. His mental state was the wheel of fortune inverted.
His future was the Fool. My future the Magician
His personality description was as the King up cups inverted.
The hex efficiency was the ace of wands.

As he’s a target, from what I’ve found it might mean you’re at risk of being found out. As a con man, he also may feel people will do as he would do - it baffles me but dishonest and crooked people genuinely believe everyone is that way, and that somehow justifies their actions. Either way, I’d take that card and divine further into its’ meaning and possible warning.


Yes, Lucifer is on with it so I have no fears. Thank you and you are 100% right about people thinking everyone is as bad as they are.

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I agree. There is a power in 7 of swords in that you are as far away from the target as you possibly could be. Which is why its so easy to visualise them. But it also can mean that no matter what you do, youll be read in the same cynical way the person views their own behaviour, deep down. its not a powerful place to enact direct change. More to wait things out building up power and the ability to disconnect when you can enact.