Having trouble remembering Entity induced dreams

Alright, I don’t have any trouble remembering regular dreams, and I don’t have trouble lucid dreaming. this has nothing to do with either of those things. This is another thing entirely. About 2 weeks ago Azazel told me to start meditating on his sigil as I went to sleep, and then later to evoke him right before I went to sleep(but not to dismiss him)… and I have gotten some hard core information this way… in fact, I get better information this way than I do regular evocations(at this point in my development), due to very little of my conscious involvement, and the dreams relay the information often in the form of a jungian story… now here’s the problem

For some reason the dreams are much more difficult to hold onto, I often wake up without remembering a single detail, unsure if I dreamed at all, then later through a clue(such as Asenath mason’s book on Mephistoles when I had a dream the previous night that involved me talking about pacts, and the lack of “soul-selling” of a faustian style pact) or just a random trace(such as when they were explaining some details of immortality through the metaphor of an ouroboros and the danger some forms of instability pose to this end that came to me, of all places, in the bathroom).

Now I think I may have figured out the issue, but I’m not sure… I kept getting the command to sleep in a corpse like position(straight, legs together, with hands clasped together in front, on me slightly below groin), but until last night I kept shifting out of it before I fell asleep, due to putting me in a trance state, which made it extremely difficult to sleep,o often laying there for hours in the in between realms of waking and sleeping(on that note this is an excellent method to enter into active visualised jungian journeys as I have a couple nights before going to sleep) and I have had trouble until last nights dreams, remembering them…

so you guys have any other Ideas what could be making these particular dreams so difficult to remember… also to note since I have started doing this, I have yet to have one lucid dream, but I don’t need to, as these are thick with symbolism and meaning and also possess a certain quality of vividness that isn’t normally in my dreams. Like the colors are sharper, and the quality is more HD-like

Strange. Of course I’ve had to train myself to bring very specific information out of such experiences, like names or what have you (it’s paramount to end the experience once you’ve received it, because you’ll forget such details if you continue and kick yourself afterwards - don’t be greedy). But I’ve had no trouble remembering such dreams in the general sense.

It’s hit and miss… I started out not remembering anything other than the fact that I dreamed something amazing, then turned around to start sleeping in the north(don’t ask me why cause I’m not sure what my reasoning was or if I had one consciously) and Dream recall improved, to allow me to get more info. and I’m finding out laying different ways effects recall of these types of dreams, with funeral style being the most effective… it’s still fucking weird though and the information in the trance state is almost as good as the dream, the only problem is getting up would cause me to lose the trance so I can’t record any of it… I’m thinking about trying evocations from this inbetween state when I still have some lucidity, before I go to sleep.

If you want to go to sleep in the corpse position just let go of any concentration and observe yourself falling asleep. OBSERVE. Observe you thoughts, most of all. Don’t act on them, just observe them. And that position is indeed the best to receive information from the astral plane. It balances your chakras as well and makes you feel very rested when you wake up. I recommend it.

ok… update. last night I tried evoking azazel and the going directly asleep… didn’t work. apparently I have to meditate on azazel’s sigil until I hit a trance state and then fall asleep… also pretty cool if you want to figure out what a sigil looks like 3 or 4 dimensionally just meditate in,it while in trance

Do you guys know why since going to the army i can’t really remember mostly any of my dreams ? In 10 years actually…12 years i can recall 2 or 3 dreams, 2 of them being in the past year induced by my friend. Quite vivid and still can remember them…other then that i don’t remember my dreams ever! =/

Sunas, do you keep a dream diary? I find that if I set my intention to remember my dreams and then record them daily it significantly increases recall, sometimes up to 8 dreams a night

No i don’t, if i don’t remember any dreams at all for more then 10 years why would i O_o

But yes seems that a lot of people tell me that, to keep record, to have intention, before going to sleep make a pray to give intention of remembering my dreams…i really would like to remember any dreams at all, i know i dream a lot, i even speak at night during my dreams… i just never remember them =/

You will find that just the act of setting yourself up to record dreams will a thusly make you remember them more. Ofcourse if you don’t record them immediately they fade away by the time you have stood out of bed.

I really wish i could " live " them more…might try something in the future…so far hasn’t really troubled me at all but i have a feeling i will be needing to access my dreams better in the future…

Take my advice look for mirrors in dreams as they seem to be a lucidity trigger… the more you dream lucid the easier they are to remember

No, you dont understand, is that not only i dont remember them, i dont remember having them! Its like i dont have dreams at all!

This is caused by having a shitty secondary/shadow memory, you can combat this by keeping a journal… if you don’t have anything to record then right down I can’t remember anything, I will try again tomorrow… this tells your subconscious mind that remembering your dreams is important, which will help you in the future.

I actually never had a journal for anything, i actually never had proof of any i’ve lived as most of lived was lonely and when it wasn’t it was like it was meant not to be, what i want to say is that… i am a lonely person and i have seen a lot, experienced a lot and i think i have blocked that shadow memory you speak of, this being the proof of it…i basically can say i have no dreams…because it is the way i feel about it. But by locking that " shadow " memory, others things happened i think… i want to unblock it O_O i just don’t know how…lol
I could’ve written books and books about thousands of things, i never really thought it was worthy…i have it all in my mind, i really do. The problem is that, by doing that with my reality, the subconscious probably was affected.
I was in the army i haven’t got a single thing with me saying i was ( oh wait a tshirt that anyone can get ) I played in popular rock bands in my city and recorded cds, i don’t have anything with me that can serve as proof for it ( no i dont need to deliver proof of this to anyone, but its just that i dont have it for anyone nor for me, at least physical ) It is all in my head…but like, blocked there somewhere…
Maybe all this has a message to it. . i don’t know.
I just know that i made a decision and that decision right now is making the fruits fall from the tree to the floor…for me to pick them up, meaning… i made choices few time ago, now i am picking up rotten apples O_o
And im happy about it which is even worst…
It is like i am enjoying degrading myself…and doing all this…
Just like someone said in here on this forum, this spirit around me has plans for me…this might be it…degrading me and making me feel this bad so that i eventually go for the worst.
Another part of me says i am choosing the right path, the one i have decided myself fully to achieve its ends.
I actually think it is true, i have attested it, the deal i made was not with the Queen of the Seas or some akward spirit, i am now sure it was with one of the many faces of Hecate that i made that deal. I am only getting what i asked and it is becoming so deep within me that its hard to bear! I am completely disappearing as a person, like in a post somewhere in here…this is the path to disattach oneself from the world. He spoke about degrading oneself and doing all this bad things…well…i feel i am on the same path, for quite sometime now.
I am now starting to grasp other level of knowledge and i still have some things blocked inside of me which aren’t getting erased…i need to unlock that " content " of my mind in order to erase it to fully grasp all the knowledge i need to advance further on. I probably will start writing a journal of my own =/ Thank you Guys

Resurrecting this old thread because I’d like some tips on how to remember messages passed through dreams.

I’m finding that I am able to communicate with spirits in that phase just before I fall asleep, and just before I’m fully awake again. So much more has been coming through for me than by any other method. I keep a dream journal and pen by my bed to write down everything. But in the brief span of time it takes to reach out, grab the book, open it, and take pen to paper, my memory is erased. It’s frustrating, because I lose a lot of important messages this way.

For those of you who go by dream communication, how do you retain the information you receive?

It’s not my main method but I keep a voice recorder by the bed, also don’t get up or do anything until I’ve done a memory dump, which might take a few minutes, then while I eat breakfast i usually do written notes, this sometimes shakes loose a few things.

You could try that temple-tapping thing with the statement “Tonight my dreams will be helpful and memorable” or something?

I’m not surprised. The way I see it, there are two main reasons for your recall problems. The first is:

  1. Abstraction
    Abstract dreams are more difficult to remember. Try sleeping on your left side, it will produce Left Brain dreams, very abstract, and difficult to remember. Then compare to sleeping on your left side which produces action oriented sequential Right Brain Dreams.

When dealing with entities, we have no equivilant concept in our rational minds that accurately defines what these things actually are. As a result, we have to use abstraction to represent them, as is often done with sigils in the waking world. The level of abstraction required to represent these entities in dreams is usually so fucked up, it makes things really difficult to remember correctly. Try focusing on larger patterns when recall eludes you, that often helps.

The second factor is…

  1. Break Points.
    We don’t have multiple dreams during the night, we have one long dream. The content of the dream can change so drastically from one moment to the next, that is seems like different dreams. When the dream content changes drastically and suddenly, that disrupts the continuity and flow of the narrative, creating a BREAK POINT where our memory gets tripped up.

Anyways, when interacting with entities, ESPECIALLY in dreams, the interactions take place through them doing drastic things to our attention. They can twist it so completely and with such skill, it creates major mother fucking break points.

My recommendation is to train your fluidity. Recall as many dreams with as much detail as you possibly can. Especially the abstract ones, which you can induce by sleeping on your right side. And try to stay out of any routines as much as you can for as long as you can while awake.

Really, it’s just practice and giving it attention. Like The Cusp said, recall as many dreams as you can, not just ones on the night you might have asked for advice etc (Most dreams have messages to give you, anyhow, even if they are just from yourself) Make a point to note down small details and things in general will become more vivid. If you go lax on noting down the details you’re more likely to remember just generalities. With a bit of practice it is normal most nights to recall about 5-6 seemingly separate dreams, of which you might be able to write a page or two each.

Don’t reach for the pen straight away. Lie still and recall whatever you do remember, going through it all again. If at the beginning it’s particularly short, ask yourself the question “what was I doing/what was happening before this?” Consider that for a few moments and see if you can recall. If you get a new preceding memory go through that and then ask the question again. Sometimes you will find you can take a brief sentence worth of a dream and ultimately recall a pages worth by doing that (other times not, in that case just let it go).

Recalling words and conversations in dreams is (IMO) the most difficult aspect. So first thing to note - messages don’t just come in words. The whole dream is a message, you just have to learn your own symbol systems. Spirits don’t communicate in just words (and some won’t use words at all). So don’t fret if you can’t recall the spoken words exactly (and there are always other chances…they aren’t gonna be all “you didn’t remember what I said so sucks for you”)

But consider how well you remember what someone said to you 30 minutes ago etc. Most people really don’t pay much attention to exact words someone says in their everyday life - and consequently won’t in the dream world either. If you want to remember spoken messages, then you would do well to develop extreme attention to exact words people speak to you in everyday life and make a point to occasionally ask yourself what so and so said last time you spoke to them.

Before sleep, it can help to imagine a indigo sphere at the back of the head (joining place between neck and head) and focus your attention into it i.e. become the sphere. Or alternatively, in a red sphere in the indent of your throat. Some get better results with one over the other. You might wake up repeatedly in the middle of the night when you start trying to recall every dream (in which case a recorder like Eva suggested is much better than paper unless you want to wake up to find you’ve written all your words over each other like I have…or want to be disturbed by a light). That’s IME just temporary and eventually will stop and you’ll wake up in the morning recalling everything all at once. But if it does happen it’s important to note them down - and spirits have a habit of forcing you awake after they’re done to make it easier on you, regardless of the time.

Finally, if you’re going to go the route of dream communication as a major focus you may as well go the whole hog and learn lucid dreaming so the communication can be two way (not to mention it has many other valuable magical uses).