Having trouble opening sigils

Hi everybody I’m new to the occult and only know basic rituals (such as the LBRP) and meditations.I have however become fairly decent at invoking omnipotence as I can feel the energy flowing through and out of me.I haven’t been able to purchase the Mastering Evocation program yet untill I get my PC working again.I have however read Evoking Eternity,The Book Of Azazel,and Ipssimus.When attempting an evokation the main problem I have is when calling the spirit to hear my words and see my signs I don’t feel an intense rapture,and can NEVER open the sigil no matter how I relax my gaze or think of my will and purpose of the ritual.The only thing that happens is when I inhale the paper on which the sigil is drawn turns yellow.If anyone with experience and success in this matter could give me advice I would greatly appreciate it.By the way my name is Jake thank you.

One thing I had to figure out with sigil opening is I have to have a full sheet of paper or be so close to the sigil that I can not see beyond it. If I could see anything in the background I could not get the sigil to flash. I also could not hold it and open it, I have to have it in a fixed position like flat on a table or stood up against a picture frame.

Just relax and think of nothing but the spirits name while you gaze into it, when it starts to flash start focusing all your will on your desire and visualize it to the best of your ability.

Hope this helps.

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I find that working in a room that is semi-light (curtains/blinds closed) helps a lot. I don’t get the flashing, but the lines do disappear.

Now, if only I could get results. So far, I have gotten no results from what I’ve requested.

Thanks for the tips guys I’ll try them tonight.ixchel were you doing an evokation or just sigil majick?And it helps for me too when the sigil is close to my face.I noticed this last night when Idrew 1 of the Infernal Gateways from The Book Of Azazel on a small stone and held it a couple inches from my face.The lines disappeared and reapeared brighter.Sadly nothing else happened.Maybe if the sigil was bigger I would have been able to enter?

I think you’re trying to run before you can walk. Entering rapture and being able to see and hear spirits will take time, training and practice to develop the necessary states. Best advice is to work with sigil magic to begin with. It seems to me that you are already experiencing Theta/Gamma Sync which is the state that is required. Best advice is to use sigil magic to work with an entity that specialises in enhancing psychic and clairvoyant powers (e.g. Sastan, Mepsitahl, Paralda or even Azazel)…asking them to advance your magickal abilities. Remember, just because you cannot see or hear an entity in no way means that it is not there when you call it and meditate upon its sigil…that it cannot hear you and get to work on your requests. If your requests manifest in this physical reality, it is actually irrelevant whether you saw the entity or not. The important job has been done.

I do agree that a more dimly lit room does help in getting into the theta/gamma stage.

I’m actually crawling before I walk (as someone else mentioned). I’m working with sigil magic for now.

I’m pretty certain (and I could be wrong, only having your post to go on) that you’re simply trying too hard.

In all things, seek not the phenomenon, but the result. Rely on your intuition, not your eyes. Build up your desire, let it build to a psychic orgasm, and then release it into the sigil. Once your desire has turned to peace, and you are certain of success, fold the sigil up, and go about your life.

Speaking of orgasm, if you’re still having a hard time with this, you can always gaze at the sigil, focusing on what you want, while having sex or masturbating, letting your desire explode from you and into the sigil at the moment of orgasm. This was a suggestion from Peter Carroll, and it’s actually pretty potent… especially if you’re working love spells! Oh, and it’s a bit more fun than just gazing at a piece of paper!

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“Speaking of orgasm, if you’re still having a hard time with this, you can always gaze at the sigil, focusing on what you want, while having sex or masturbating, letting your desire explode from you and into the sigil at the moment of orgasm. This was a suggestion from Peter Carroll, and it’s actually pretty potent”

  • E.A.

The BEST safe sex I eva had! I used that method a few years ago and had pretty damn good results…er…with the Magick part, not, the masturbation part. I’m already an expert on that!

As of late, I’ve been doing what is called “setting the intention” in meditation parlance. I was talking with S.V.E. today about this on the phone and I’m going to see how this works for me in Magick applications.

Basically, as a meditator YOU are always in control of the energy that is generated from practice and what is called absorption states. With that being said, I was taught prior to Jhana Meditation (or any exercise for that matter) to set the intention.

Simply and in a relaxed manner.

“It is my intention to stay in Jhanic Absorption for 30min.” I would state this before my actual session. Reminding myself pre-meditative state what it is that I want…why I’m here (meaning why am I sitting on a meditation cushion at 3am while everybody else is sleeping!).

Lately, I’ve been doing the following with my Sigils:

“It is my intention to make conscious contact with Tah’ka’yat during this session”

That’s it. I keep it short and sweet. The intention is just that…what am I doing? What is the first step?

Also, I find using a meditation timer extremely important to my work. I’ve been setting my timer in regards to the above for 45min. I use the “time” as a control method. So when I look back in my journals I have a specific amount of “time” that I’m doing my Work within. I’ll let everybody know how this play out.

If you choose to go this route, you MUST remember that using a timer is NOT about rushing through the exercise to get it “done”. It took me a LOT of failing until I got comfortable with the fact that I have all the time I need to relax and do the Work. I’ve found it to be a great tool. I’ve been using the following timer for:

  1. My own personal meditation practice - 45min.
  2. Sigil magick sessions - 45min.
  3. Thoth Deck Path Working - 10min. for 1 card in AM and PM

You can find it here:


I’ve used both the free version and the paid version $2.99. The paid version fucking rocks! I’ve been using for over a year now.

Peace, love, and masturbation!

Wow thanks for all the advice,and a special thanks to E.A for taking time to reply!! I think what you’re doing on this site is a Godsend (punn intended) to humanity.I’ve felt pretty alone lately being I’m raising a daughter on my own,and the only person that was helping me has completely betrayed me because I wouldn’t follow her insanely strict cruel rules of dicipline on my daughter.She has called every child protective organization under the sun to get me into any kind of shit she can conjure.Not to mention me being a former addict along with it.I’ve read up on the occult before but never realized it’s importance.After readind E.A"s works I now feel some kind of calling,and realize that spirituality and ritual is the only way to make life right with no worries.I’m glad to be a part of this forum now so I actually have people to discuss this with.

Here is a trick that I learned when I was first getting started. Gaze at the sigil for about three seconds and then gently rotate your eyes in small slow circular motions away from each other. (left eye counter clockwise and right eye clockwise). This should be done fluently with almost no effort and feel like to gears turning against each other. After 3 or 4 rotations your eyes will start to feel like the are spinning on there own and you will feel pressure underneath your pituitary gland.

Quickly the circles with get smaller and smaller until the rotation stops and your eye will lock in focused to the sigil almost as if your forehead was being pulled towards it. Now is where the magic will start to happen. Your peripheral vision should be completely out of focus and the sigil should look as it is being lifted or pulled away from the page. The lines will start to disapear and the edges of the paper will start will start to glow. Soon the glowing with consume the paper but sigil will come into crystal clear focus and appear as it is floating off the page and slightly moving around.

Now the sigil is opened and ready for your comands. One other thing that has also helped me is that I no longer say my commands aloud but more so try to speak through the link I can feel pulling me through the sigil channeling my thoughts and energy through it. This allows me to have better focus on my commands and keep a better sync with the sigil.

This whole process should take less then 60 seconds and with practice you get it to feel effortless. Let me know how this works for you.