Having trouble evoking

I have been trying desperately to evoke spirits but failing every time :frowning: I feel nothing and my requests aren’t seems to menifest.

I think I am having a truble with Preparatory Inmersion and Entering into Theta Gamma Sync.

I have the mestering evocation course. And I tried the technique explained in Section 2.
I really need to succeed in evocation but I am lost :frowning:

My problem is I am not feeling anything, my words aren’t creating a noticable chenge in the atmosphere

I need a way to fix that. I think its because I stopped doing magick much for about an year.

I need some help.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


You should just practice more, especially for the fact that you took a long pause in practicing magick. Start meditating daily and making energy exercises every day for at least 30 mins-1h . I guarantee you that in a month or maybe less than a month you’ll see changes and at least you’ll be able to feel entities. Oh, and in order for the words to have power, to change the atmosphere around you, you must speak those words with full authority, with full power, with omnipotence and never doubt what you said.


Thing is from my experience, whomever you call. You gotta belive that they’ll listen to you, because they do. That’s the first step to actually have a successful evocation.

I don’t hear voices nor do I fell a change in atmosphere. Yet, I just know that they have listened. They will help me achieve my desired goal. My first evocation of Sitri proved it really. I simply stated my intent and in return offered him something of great value. Wear his sigil and make girls call my Sitri while I did the sex.


Reading some things influenced my mind, for example: using a colored light or imagining a colored energy in the room; the Triangle and perhaps also Spirit sigils as portals; using physical elements to create a 3D field (e.g. three semicircles to represent a sphere instead of the Circle) so that the magician inside it “may work at the maximum power”.
Very likely, the idea I developed isn’t original; anyway, when working in a room try to feel instead as if you’re in an open space, near or inside a Portal, maybe full of energy of an appropriate color (dark yellow to evoke Sorath, light green for a love spell…). Visualize the Circle or a sphere around you, which puts you in the universe’s center. Everything and everyone, included entities, time etc. gravitates, is connected to you…
Including such elements may change the atmosphere and empower magical operations.

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I belive that demons are literal entities not our imagination. Whenever I call them even if they don’t appear I state my desires clearly and close the rite accordingly.

But the thing is I am not getting expected results, I am not saying that they are a complete failure but I am not getting the thing that I want :frowning:

Do you commune with them on a daily basics? Like a regular talk with them while you are taking a cigarette break etc. This could help, as some spirits like to bond first before going into business. Jus like humans.


No, not really. I know that the spirits are coming whenever I call but the demons respect power and athority that I am failing to show. I get depressed when I feel nothing and see nothing and issue request with uncirtainty. :sob:

Perhaps for power and authority, some advices I once read may be useful: memorize the Bornless Ritual, also by writing it; read Liber LXV, Liber Samekh and the Book of Abramelin.
Naturally, in case, the act itself of saying the preliminary invocation may be included at beginning of rituals.

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Consider that failure is but one of many paths to success. Carry on my friend.


I would but they don’t go well with daemonic evocations :frowning:

You could imagine that the “Names of Power” are not referred to the biblical God, but to the one which you potentially are. Otherwise try to change the preliminary invocation: shorten it and replace God names with demonic ones. There are already LHP versions of Pentagram Ritual and Middle Pillar, two practices that really may be used to the same purpose.

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I use The Lesser Encircling Rite Of The Luciferian and The Casting The Circle Of The Dragon before ritual. But like I said I am not seeing any chenges in the room or the atmosphere. Btw I was quite good at basic evocation before I took that pause. It’s really frustrating:cry:

Try this?


Thanks @Lady_Eva :smile:

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You need practice bro
Patience determination is the key to success!
Always learn from yourself! Believe in yourself and keep trying! You will succedd
Good luck

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