Having sex with contracted demon

okay, let me rephrase it, since i posted this also on Q&A, i have 4 times now when i dozed off sex with the demonic goddess, Astaroth and everytime it gets more intense like we are both hungry to eachother more with alot more passion. My question was, is this normal, while having a contract with her? And does this have it go further than the contract, to a true relationship?

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Human & spirit sex, and human & demon sex, seems quite common, both in the records and also across the internet right now.

Do you want it to? That’s the issue - this spirit seems to have nade the first move, so where do you want things to go from here?

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My question was, is this normal, while having a contract with her? And does this have it go further than the contract, to a true relationship?

Intimacy with spirits and entities is more common than most of us think. And female spirits can be very intimate and rarely hesitate to take initiative to sexual activities. The reason for that can vary, and it serves different purposes. One reason can be to bond to eachother and sexual activities is one example of bonding in a very personal way. It doesn’t have to end up in a relationship, but it opens up an opportunity to do so, if necessary.

Female spirits of the higher hierarchy can be very open to relationship and even marriages if they see you as someone worthy of their love and attention, and with it comes benefits you couldn’t imagine in a “normal” relationship.

But there have to be sacrifices made, and even compromises. This doesn’t only apply to yourself, but even the spirits themselves. As you have to give up some things in your life for the benefits of being with them, they have to give up on something in their lives for the benefits of being with you. Because the energy you have in your spirit and soul, and the emotional currency from that is a valuable and powerful resource to be a part of. And, of course, because you are you. Special and valuable in your own way.


This has happened to me several times now but in ritual with two particular entities. It’s actually magickal and I dare say a special experience. Both entities treated me with great care.
I think there is an evolvement that happens when we do this. As the energies mix and enhance the experience of the smaller entity, namely ourselves.
These are just my thoughts.

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Due to a ritual that I cannot disclose, I started haveing sex with a demonic entity.
The sexual experiene was very intense, rough sex we could say. We had both anal and oral intercourse.
I also think that he poured somethin in my mouth. My question is:
what does the drinking of demon’s cum imply?
it’s a serious question and I do not want to pull anyone’s leg.
Thank you

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Filling of energy? A type of impregnation or immersion of itself into you maybe. I’ve read different ways depending on the person and entity. From having egg me turning into maggots boring into the flesh, to needles injecting or stingers injecting venoms. Tentacle sex plunging into chakras or orifices, supernatural like with the glowy fog, ectoplasm engulfing, slime devouring, radiant energy and vibrations shattering you and more.

It’s a kink perhaps you’re deep down wanting with it. Since I haven’t read up on it all that much I can only recommend Asenath Mason’s book on the subject.

I literally conjure all of hellfire and have sex everyday with spirits. It’s important to contract healers in the spirit realm…

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how did you do that?

It’s hawt? Err HOT?

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Take it as far as you feel comfortable.

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