Having dreams with E.A. Koetting?

I had a dream where E.A. Koetting was teaching me a spell that used coins. It’s not the first time I dream about him. He appears in my dreams sometimes and it’s always stuff related to spells…
Are there more people at this forum having these kind of dreams too?
I wonder if I entered inside his dream unconsciously maybe?


It’s actually quite common for people on the forum to have dreams of EA.


Truth I had a few myself when I was watching his videos before I joined the forum and when I first joined but that’s because I went on a binge on all his Azazel stuff.


I have only had one dream with EA in it. We were sitting at a kitchen table eating Cheez-Its.:man_shrugging:


I don’t generally remember my dreams, but I have had a couple with EA in them. In one, I was taking his evocation bootcamp and we were causing rifts in reality by evoking multiple chaos gods or something, and in another I “gifted” him with the ability to levitate as thanks for how his work helped my own progress.


I had a dream with him once, but it focused on @Timothy more. The short version is they saved me essentially and wanted to work with me on something, then I was standing in water and swimming towards Timothy. I ended up in a house, then laying down, but having some pink spirit enter the room so I got up and went outside and there were like… Pink seals in the air above a nearby town. Lots of them.

I turned to the people around me and told them when the shit hit the fan, and they needed to run, it would be useful to stay near those they were close to, so they didn’t loose each other.

I wasn’t reading any Koetting books, and I’ve only ever watched the one video he put out about entheogens, and this was prior to that lol. I took it as just a weird dream.


I havent had any dreams about EA, Timothy, Balg authors or any established members here except one. I was in a strange stairland with waterfalls and flowing rivers, and it seemed to surprise him when I encountered, though it felt like he was visiting my own realm. Anyway, it was interesting to me because I had been reading cards specifically about entities and spells relating to someone elses work and tapped into some “real shit” without expecting to. Anyway, at the end of the day i think most likely i attribute these instances to this:


I don’t remember if I dreamt of E. A. more than once. Anyway in the dream I bought on Ebay a few of his books (amongst which there was an hypothethical “Generic magick”… maybe the real version would be the BALG Ebook) but since I didn’t buy directly from him I deemed proper to go to his office and show my purchases, he said Ok and we also chatted a bit.

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I’ve actually had one with him recently, I kind met him in passing and we spoke for a bit. The only takeaway from our dialogue was something that kind of stuck with me - as it’s relevant now.

I don’t remember what I was saying, but it ended in, “I learned that when I was working with Azazel.” And he replied with “Was?” and “The pathworking never stops, you just haven’t decided to move forward, yet.”

It really stuck with me too, I don’t think it was the actual E.A. but it was sound advice coming from someone that maybe my mind knew I’d value the words from - I also speculated it was Azazel himself, but I didn’t put much stock into it, as dreams are often just that. And they can occasionally give answers to our real world struggles, so I took what mattered, applied it and moved on.

But who can really know these things? Just thought I’d share.


I remember this one.

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I had a one dream, after the listening for whole evening the Powerwolf song called “Incense and Iron”.
I dreamt that I and E.A. were recording a fan music video for that song, that the parts of songs were connected to making together:

  • lighting candles in pure black room
  • reading books about Demons, Goetia and so on,
  • creating magic circle with these Aramayan letters
  • performing together LBR of pentagram and hexagram with dagger,
  • ignition incense
  • performing actual evocation

and at the end of song we had a fully materialised evocation ( I think we were evoking Lucifer).

Still, when I listen this song, I have an image of E.A. Koetting creating this ritual with me.

I had a dream of E.A. many years ago, but I don’t think I can relay details of the dream on this forum :smile:

I had a vision while astral travelling of EA giving me a sales pitch for his universe circle tapestry or something. I wasn’t exactly awed by the experience though.


Me neither. :wink:

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EA dreams are always thirst dreams or something :joy:


I had one a while ago where I was in a snow globe type deal and I saw him as a giant. Intuition said it was a divination-adjacent matter. Not a thirst dream, lol.

Can you blame the women?
E. A is such a gorgeous man.

Nah man, I dreamed a few months ago he saved me, but only because it furthered his agenda and the guy I was still trying to work things out with- was upset about me allowing Ea in my space, because he didn’t have good intentions and I had a skill set he needed. Timothy was in the dream more than Ea was tho.



That’s debatable :joy: tho I’ve had dreams of some of my old mentors but they were usually like hella fantasy like lmao

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I totally agree with you.

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