Having difficulties getting password reset

Has anyone else had difficulties resetting their password? I just recently tried to change mine and for whatever reason I never receive an email letting me. This is unfortunate because I recently scheduled a ritual for hire and can’t even log in to access it and I’m worried I might miss it!

When’s the rit for hire booked?

If it’s more than 48 hours away, please contact the official helpdesk, https://becomealivinggod.zendesk.com/

If it’s less, please reply here now to let me know.

It’s the Virus Frequency Hijacking ritual. I still have until Sunday but weirdly enough I have placed a help request and still haven’t gotten a reply, conformation email for my order, or been allowed to reset my password but the money for the ritual has been withdrawn. Is there any delay with the tech support team over weekends or something by chance?

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They can sometimes take up to 48 hours to reply, it’s not perfect but they never lose a ticket, they can just sometimes be a bit on the slow side.

This forum isn’t really able to help, it’s just a discussion forum for talking about magick (not like Google and some tech services where the forum is also their support) and I am only a volunteer moderator, not BALG employee or anything.

You should have gotten all those things, I mean to cover the obvious, did you check your spam folders, and did you get automated notification of the support ticket being opened from the helpdesk address? :thinking:

I have received no notifications or emails whatsoever yet and am still currently waiting. I’m really only nervous because I’m practically locked out of my account and have no way to access the ritual or receive a refund so I’m currently at the mercy of the tech support team. I wish I knew another way to contact because I am receiving no emails besides the one I got from the newsletter about the ritual for hire

That’s bizarre, you should have got almost-instant confirmation of the support ticket, have you checked your spam/promotions etc folders?

Also in a moment I am going to send you a message through this forum, look out for the green icon, top right. :+1:

I checked all of my folders and used the correct email and still haven’t gotten anything unfortunately. I do have record of the transaction in my bank account though

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Closing this as the problem is now resolved. :+1:

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