Having an archangel as your guardian?

Hey everyone.

Many years ago when I was new into the spiritual path I was very very drawn to Archangel Gabriel. He came to me in my dreams, he has been there for me emotionally (My life has been very far from great in the past) and guided me in so many ways. Then I found out that he is my guardian angel and now I started to search more about having an archangel as your guardian angel, there are much info I found at all. I have a spiritual brother and his guardian is Archangel Michael and he has also been very drawn to Michael in the beginning.

What I wonder is that if it’s somehow rare to have an archangel as your guardian because it’s mostly typical angels being guardians if we look from the 9 order of angels because they are the ones that have the role on being closest to earth and human beings.


It’s quite real and possible for people to have archangel guardians. I know for a fact a magician named VK Jehannum has archangel Raziel as his guardian and I too have Archangel Samael as mine.


Interesting. I have always wondered why archangels, like there must be a reason for it? I’m very very grateful for it though.

It’s not rare there’s many archangels it’s not exactly a high rank unless it’s the 7 archangels who stood before God and many of them are seraphim such as Zadkiel for example. There’s various seraphim archangels, cherubim archangels and so forth that aren’t mentioned. It’s hardly rare at all.


i dont believe its rare, Archangels can still be guardian angels

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Archangel is actually a military ranking. So it would make sense for most guardians to be of this class. Now even the main 7 can aspect themselves millions of times if need be so they can be in many places at once. I was born and dedicated to Michael and Ariel has been with me from birth as well. I have for years and years and years worked very closely with all 7 of the Archangel commanders. With the closest relationships to Michael, Ariel, Raphael and Uriel.

However I personally don’t have a guardian Angel it wasn’t a part of my path. Since I was always surrounded by many.


In Michael’s case, he is naturally a guardian although indeed there may be greater issues than protecting specific people (which still has its importance).


Oh I forgot to add that many “Angels” that are here on earth would fall under the “ virtues“ and natural angels. Which is actually what Archangel Ariel is. She is leader of the Virtues. I’m nature based so I see them the most depending on if I am working with plants or animals.

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The “small” things are just ad important as the great things.


It’s not rare at all.

Archangel Samael is mine, but I know he has other people in his charge.