Having a problem meditating

I always meditate to relax in life. I am finding it hard to let go all the way. Or what to meditate on. Where is a good place to start my journey?


It starts with the breath. Breathwork is the gateway to altered states of perception and consciousness. Visualisation is a muscle that you should work on as this is fuel for your manifestation.

Focus and notice all you can hear when you meditate, feel the very tip of your toes, and fingers, notice the depth of your breath, it needs to travel to the stomach to know your properly relaxed. Just relax, the aim to meditation is there isn’t.

Sometimes entering the right mode is difficult, it’s just lack of clarity at the end of the day. If you’re clear, you can remain meditative. If you can’t, you’re noisy minded. Simple.


Thank you… I will focus more on the topic I want to meditate on… sometimes I just have lots of thought. Gotta focus on one… I appreciate the advice…

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No, It’s not just one thought, it just doesn’t work that way. Let it flow through one streamline of consciousness, let all the thoughts bypass through a unfiltered state where they’re only observed and then exit afterward.

If you focus on breath, it’s enough to stay direct with your session, but it’s also good to imagine such as a river flowing and each time a particular thought comes, it appears as a log in the river and you simply remove that log and the water through.

Notice the feeling of your tip toes and fingers, relax your entire face and jaw muscles, let them drop.

A personal example of an affirmation.
“I’m Danny, I’m not perfect, I’ve done wrong by others and myself. There are particular things I don’t like about myself and I can be impatient and angry with others, especially myself, but this is okay, because I love and respect myself. This is okay, because I love and respect myself. Breathe some more. This is okay, because I love and respect myself.


Ok. That makes sense. I will keep all this in mind. I am thankful for your information…

I have done a few chaos sigils. I found that 3 of ,the 5 I did worked. I am starting to learn about pendulum. I am loving it. Everyday I. Am learning more. Thanks for the advice…


What would you like to get out of meditation? There are many method to achieve different things.
But just clearing your mind and getting into a relaxed state try the Four Breathing technique. Breath in four 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds. Focus on nothing but your breath. Visualize/Imagine White healthy energy being inhaling through your nose, hold and exhale a black or a grey murky color through the mouth. Also, think of positive feelings and emotions while inhaling. While holding thinking of the white energy and feelings being absorbed into your being and during the exhale think of stress and any other negative emotion leaving your body through your breath as it dissipates into nothing.


No problem, I’m still learning much along the way as well. :slight_smile:

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That relaxed me as I read what you wrote . Thank you for the advice.

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What ive noticed personally is its sometimes difficult to get in that state. In a way I fight any resistance i feel and bring my focus back to my breath.

If I have a thought breaking my focus, I imagine the thought as a cloud passing by and bring focus back to the breath. I do this until i reach a satisfying point where i feel the meditation has really benefited me. When i come out of it the world looks like a twlight zone (vivid surreal colors and almost as if seeing layers to reality) and just discipline your resistance and put your intention into your breath.

Also i use to primarily use the lotus position for “formal” meditation. This is not the most comfortable position for me and when i watched E.A.'s blueray meditation he sits on his knees. I tryed that and it really changed the ballgame for me. I get best results in that position.

I am thankful for all of you taking time to help me. :hugs:

I count backwArds when I’m struggling, from 99. Some days I also find it seems impossible. Interesting note though if I fill the bathtub and light a tea light I can drop into a trance almost immediately. I’ve also been experimenting with recordings of shamanic drums which is amazing. I’m finding I’m able to physically go to sleep so to speak while staying completely awake in the mind. Before I was struggling with hitting the trancelike states and staying focused.

A technique I’m using is to inhale as deeply as you can, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale but not all the way. Repeat this roughly 30 times. It doesn’t feel like a normal trance, it feels almost supercharged.

If you have troubles with too much of thoughts try reducing the words
For example:Lets say you have a thougt like this:
What should I eat for dinner ?
Reduce it every time so it will be like,What should I ? Then what should,then what,finally nothing
And you said you have done couple of sigils so create one for meditating better,I did it too myself and I can say it worked.

The key to solid meditation is breathing rhythmically while keeping your eyes and hands still, focused on one point.

Chapter 8 and 9 in William Walker Atkinson’s book The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath explains how to do a complete breath. You may want to just sit for a few days and work on rhythmic breathing for half an hour daily to get this down. You want to have rhythmic breathing down to where it’s almost automatic.

For focus, draw a black dot of 1cm diameter in the middle of the page. Focus on keeping your eyes on the dot while you sit up straight and breathe rhythmically. Keep your eyes on the dot no matter what. Do that for a few days until you get it down.

It should take you around 3 weeks to get to where you can sit for half an hour and stare at the dot while breathing evenly.

At that point, use a black mirror in place of the dot. We make this work so complicated when it can be simple. If you don’t have a black mirror, turn off your smartphone and use the screen.

Black mirror skrying will deepen your meditation practice, can be used to develop your clairvoyant vision, and is a handy astral mirror for spirit contact, so it serves multiple duty to build your breathing and focus to properly use this tool.