Have you worked with the books Sigils of Power, and Magickal Servitors?

If so, let me know our experiences please, specially the ones about these aspects:

-the effectiveness

  • and VERY IMPORTANT: I have read that techniques contained in the books of Gallery of Magick, frequently lead to disruptive effects(for example, losing everithing while you are triying to gain wealth). Do techniques contained in these books also tend to provoke such effects?

i’ve both books. Havent tried much of the sigils of power tho
and no u wont lose everything… Most angels don’t work like that.
The only Angel that ever caused disruption in my life was Elubatel (which if im not mistaken is an angel of omnipotence) but i ended with a better version of what was taken away from me for a while. But things did get pretty annoying for a couple of months.
The magick on their books is made to be quite safe.

The knowledge on the Magickal Servitos book is pretty solid. But also a bit basic. Which is fine for most things. The light from darkness technique from that book is quite useful.

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they don’t mention losing everything to gain wealth. Not the GOM books. They are safe and focus on gains not sacrifice or trade off. Sigils of power have good ratings and results for many people if you look at amazon reviews. THe gom folks says it 's on of their popular books that are successful. I haven’t check out magickal servitors yet but i assume it depends on how well you make your servitors. I’ve been using sigils of power often and process is so easy i don’t keep track of results for that. I just do the process every so often. And let go hoping it works. It’s more of your will power with that process and imagination.

Both are very potent. I usually get results from SOPAT from one firing and no subsequent days. Easy to forget since they take 10 seconds

Servitors are damn powerful and gain power over time. Highly recommended

Are servitors good for material purposes like money , getting jobs or attack enemies?

Regarding the sigils of the book, which magickal tradition are they from? I have read that GOM books are created so no harsh nor disruptive effects can arise from the rituals, and that the background of these works is Christian RHP.


The Gallery of Magick books are derived from traditional Kabbalah magick.

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