Have you worked with Franz Bardon spirits?

Dear Evocationists, Greetings!

What about working with spirits from the second Franz Bardon´s book?, he created a impresively grimoire with his second book and the spirits there look powerful.

I you have any experience working with this spirits I would love know about it and if you got you magical goal working with these spirits.



Hello Obethencour, paisano, I’ve read Bardon used a cypher alphabet to name spirits, my question is, the spirits in the Practice of Magical Evocation book are already decyphered or still cyphered? That cypher alphabet me puzzled me since then

I have read about it too, I have invoked (no evoked) several Bardon´s spirits as they are named by Bardon and they worked very good. I understand that this spirits can be kaballistic cyphered, if you are master in the Bardon´s Cabala or universal language, you can create a cabalistic formula to any of this spirits and they will work without need to evocate them, the system of Bardon is very demandant and understanding comes as you advance. My experience with this spirits always has been nice, no risks or dangers as Goetia. Really a lot of this spirits you can find in the Abramelin´s sacred magic, I never have experienced this spirits as evil or devils.



Hi. Which one them you can see ?
Do you know the capipa true name?

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