Have you guys heard of John Ramirez?

so there is this guy who was an ex Satanist occultist and had powers like Astral projection and seeing demons and Satan etc long story short he quits the occult because he found Jesus and now goes against occult practice… why would someone give this up for Jesus and the Abrhamic YHWH God I don’t understand how you can be so weak and timid…


I guess for similar reasons as to why people leave the Abrahamic religions; he thought he found something better.

There are Christian magicians, by the way; religion shouldn’t bar someone from practicing. And even then, the occult isn’t for everyone. There are many who prefer staying out of it for various reasons.

EDIT: Ultimately, it’s his life. We have no right to make such choices for him.


I’ve seen a couple videos of him. He seems very sincere, but I don’t know. I don’t know why he’d give up the lhp, if he actually did, but I suppose he has his own reasons, whatever they might be.


I’ve seen him pop up from time to time, but it really doesn’t surprise me to find an ex-occultist more than an ex anything. As has already been said, he thinks he’s found a better path.

A lot of occultists become Christians. Or Taoists, Yogis, Buddhists, Catholics, Muslims, etc. In turn a lot of these folks become Occultists. It’s just a personal progression.

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I would count yogis and Buddhist as apart of the occult since they practice meditating and spirit travel I learned about that from Buddhism actually

yeah but it’s a step back being free being a God and turning around being a slave and worshipping God

according to this guy John Rameriz Satan has tried attacking him physically after leaving the occult and he has felt Jesus protecting him etc I have never felt Satan or Lucifer do anything malicious in revenge or at all and call bullshit on that however I guess if you turn on him for Jesus he could get angry at that


He’s full of shit and anyone who believes anything he says is an idiot. I debunked his lying ass in one of my videos.


yeah I would assume as much

hey link your channel if it’s on YouTube

The Dickhead’s Prayer

My family were the most powerful Satanic coven in our street. Every night my dad would make me help him torture to death innocent kiddies, especially babies. Sometimes I was killing dozens a night. By the time I started kindergarten I was already an initiated Satanic High Priest and very tired ritual serial killer. Then one day a Xtian preacher came to my school and latter on the detectives, who interviewed a lot of kids about said preacher. That was the time I prayed the Dickhead’s Prayer and now I’m as mentally ill as everyone else in my congregation.

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to sweep. Yes sweep it with your mighty broom, until it’s like a well kept room, all lights out and doors shut tight with curtains drawn against the light. Yes make my soul your shuttered room – the darkest, loneliest place of gloom! Amen.”



wtf :joy:

LMao yes I’ve seen this guys stuff on YouTube . If you watch ANY Xian testimony (Muslim to Xian , atheist to Xian etc) you will notice a striking resemblance in that they ALL claim that they were hot sh*tband very “devout” in their former practice and one day a “friend” or love interest begins taking them to church and they have some big moment and start crying while recounting it. This is because these are scripted and the people doing these testimonies do it for money. This guy writes books and does speaking engagements which all pay handsomely. When I watched these videos I noticed he makes a shit ton of mistakes when talking about those currents because he probably wasn’t as into it as he claims.

Just another person using what they have and exploiting it and fabricating it to make :moneybag: money from the “gospel “ if you don’t believe me go watch these testimonies and you will see they r all the same. Just vague details about some dramatic conversion with emotional pleas .


lmao money is God even Joel Osteen has a jet and a mansion :heavy_dollar_sign::joy:

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I think he’s a hypocrite

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This guy is full of more shit than a force fed goose. JCI weaponizes people like this for reasons of propaganda. They have never had an occult practice or a supernatural or spiritual experience beyond cashing the check written to them to spread their bullshit.