Have you ever used magick to stalk someone or know their past/present activities

Can you share your experiences of spying on someone using magick and/or knowing about their past…


Oh boi, I don’t need magick for THAT :smiley:


That’s what divination is for kiddo


But I heard divination can’t predict to that specific level

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Then you aren’t using divination right


Ok…care to share your divination experience

Just use the faust’s cross tarot spread and scry into the cards. Or use runes and scry into them. Scrying is amazing for divination. You get so much more information.


It’s the one thing you actually seek to learn about.
How to use it on someone?

You get the information which you do have, and write it down / place it in front of you.
If you know one of the mentioned divination tools, use it.

If you don’t know any of the mentioned tools, and want to learn,
here’s a recommendation.

If you wear glases, take them off.

Place a mirror or black surface which reflects next to the information you allready have.
They’ll serve as your link.

Place a pen into your hand and a sheet of paper below it.

Then, look behind the mirror.
Behind MEANS behind.

Look through it, focusing at a point 15-20 centimeters behind the mirror.
Let your mind drift as you do that, and relax.

You’ll first think that’s boring, or that’s not gonna work, or that’s silly…
Something along the lines.
Ignore it, and keep doing it.
Then you start getting gibberish in your mind, or drawing or vision.
Just let that flow.
When you feel it’s to much, or you’re done, stop,
take a break, come back with a new sheet of paper and write onto that what you think you get out of the first one.
If you didn’t fill your paper,
go back into scrying and start asking questions.
You’ll feel an urge to doubt it, to say that’s bullshit - ignore that, and continue moving on.
You either feel an urge to answer them by yourself or get a vision / thoughts popping into your mind and starting to respond.

Stick to that and continue.
Write down as much as you can.

When you’re done, look over it, if something needs to be re-assambled.
Sometimes there’s stuff to cross out, which was gibberish and doesn’t make sense.
Sometimes that gibberish is the actual information and still kind of coded becouse you couldn’t percieve it correctly just yet.

Whenever you feel it’s to much gibberish,
take breaks, start anew, and focus on progressing into the information you seek.

You’ll find at some point that you answered all questions.

From there on, you can later try to verify them,

for example, in the case of “stalking a person” - by telling them things about them you scryed.

You’ll start to get answers like “that’s complete bullshit” -or - “How could you know, i haven’t told you any of that.”

-as you see, i planned into the process starting from beginner level, with zero expierience.
Training the art will increase detail and how exact you get the information.

At a certain point, it becomes a dorment voice inside of you, accessable by will, at any time, without any tools. :wink:
(also known as the voice of infite wisdom, instant knowing or the ability to be all-knowing -Divination in it’s pure form.)




I care in how you can expirience it for yourself.
Does that count aswell?^^




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right. People are constantly busy telling Mark Zuckerberg every single thing they do, you just need an account.^^



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The problem with stalking is that you never ever go anywhere you want to go - it’s always the bloody target - how selfish! Not once has he come into the bushes with me and asked me where we’d like to go on our date… so ungracious!


i couldn’t help but cackle at this :joy::joy:

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I guess correct title would be spying instead of stalking


put it as you want, you got both answers. :wink:




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My ex husband moved to Texas back in '08. I haven’t met up with him since but I know exactly what the fuck he’s doing.


PREACH SIS and you’re much better off without him. Period.

You don’t need magic, you just need Facebook. I came off it because of people giving information overload about meals etc.
Joking aside, the Tarot is very good for this if you are inclined.


:joy: Your answer is so funny…

You are such a powerful magician

Feeling sorry for you :grin: