Have you ever met or talked to someone who claimed to be Lilith?

I was just going through a few posts today here on the BALG forums, and I read that one member had met some people who claimed to be Lilith, Naamah, etc.

Is this possible? What does this mean, that they are an avatar, or that they have the demoness/goddess’ essence or spirit within them?

What do you think? Or have experienced?

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Never met someone like this, and I don’t think we ever will, because I doubt lilith wants to incarnate, but I could be wrong.

I have seen a Christian accusing an atheist of being Lilith though lol

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Here’s the thing: In the occult, people make a lot of wild claims of being this demon or that god, none of which can be substantiated in any objective way.

For example, just off the top of my head, we have had people come to this forum claiming to be the incarnated Jesus, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Lucifer (we’ve had at least a dozen of these. He’s very popular), Azazel, Satan, Lilith, Naamah, Set, Ra, Loki, Odin, King Paimon, Belial, Vlad Dracula, and at least one lesser known pagan deity whose name I cannot remember.

Usually, they are simply people who want to feel special, and they think that pretending to be some mythological figure in the flesh will give them that status. Upon talking with them, however, most generally lack even rudimentary knowledge of magick, and sometimes don’t even know their own mythology, yet they still expect to be treated as some elevated being. I have found that it is usually just a role play of ego and entitlement on their part.

I have yet to interact with one who possesses any real degree of power or knowledge.


Adding onto what Darkest Knight said, we’ve also had people coming in claiming to be Lucifer’s ONLY wife, daughter or heir to the empire of Hell, among other things.

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DarkestKnight hit it on the head.

Here’s a no nonsense way I judge things like that - how has it improved their lives? In a non-emotional way?

If the only proof is emotional (and it’s not directed towards that), my bullshit meter gets alerted.

Avoid word vomit, entries. It usually says as little as politicians and uses the similar mechanisms. State it in normal speech.

I could say I travelled through the pillared sands to arrive at the crossroads of wonderment and occasional grief, but that means I walked through my yard to get to the mailbox.

Lot of word vomit to step over or around. And waste time deciphering.

Incarnate Lords, Ladies, God’s, and Goddeses seem to like it as a form of compensation.


Hello KingCat,

It is possible. I have heard of human counterparts. The simple way to verify it is to ask the spirit they claim a connection to.


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