Have you ever felt worth less?

I think am the Jewish devil belial!!!
Split up with my wife, turned to drugs and prozzies!!
Hello every one!!
Thought I was a god too, inflated ego maybe

Crying in work, think belial possessed me!!
He channeled a song called worthless!!

Have you ever felt worthless when your worth less.
Small penis too!!! Xo

Im gonna have to steal @DarkestKnight’s thunder here,

But here on BALG its required that you give a proper intro first. Stating the magic you do, your age, how long you have practiced (if at all), etc. This is a rule so that the info you give will help us point you in the right direction.


Welcome to the forum. What types of magic are you interested in?


I feel extremely worthy and wonderful but thanks for asking! :+1:

Please take a look at our also-worthwile forum rules: