Have some sympathy and some taste... xD

Hey what up all. I go by Ash these days. Male 29 years old. Been thru some unexplainable shit. This last year especially. I have been homeless since this covid bullshit came up. Blew fifteen grand on motels and to be tormented by malicious entities.

Ran out of money, had a Lucifer/ufo experience in an old abandoned house. Got a few side jobs now. Ones handyman construction shit, the other is for a pharm company. Hardly making it by, I still live in a fuckin tent. Work is not consistent enough with these under the table jobs, I keep my head up nonetheless.

Life is magick, every thought plays a roll. I guess my goal here is to harness the influence I have on reality and take advantage of it. Right now I’m just trying to get a roof over my head so I can move my lady in and live a little more stable.

Been off drugs for a month. Just beer and weed to get me by these days. It’s working for me… after all I was the wicked witch of wallmart woods for a while there. Haha. I’ve become I total gypsy what can I say.


Ever thought of doing van life? Sorry I know it’s not magick related just struck me as a potential solution to your home situation

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Perhaps you might be able to get help if you contact your local housing authority.

Yes and yes on both. Gotta be able to afford the van and my woman forgot out pw for the housing authority.

For some reason I feel like that van idea is a good one.

Well, stay open. Be open. You’ll find the idea you need. I know it.

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So fuck. Random question. Is patience really a virtue? I’ve been patient as hell over this last year in so many situations. I keep getting hung up. I don’t expect shit to be easy, but progress seems to drag ass. How would one speed shit up a little?

I could get into details… but oh the details… so many… such a strange peculiar life it is… too much to list in a sitting. Gonna skip that for another day…

Generally speaking tho how would one speed up progress for goals from a meditative sense I suppose? Idk input, I just want some ideas for promptness and whatnot.

Call upon St. Expedite or Dynamis.

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Maybe Elubatel could help you. I heard that he causes a lot of disruption though.

But if you are in a desperate situation and really want to change your life no matter the cost… you could give him a shot.