Have I got my proof already?

So it has been about a week since being on this forum and naturally this has all been on my mind. I have done no formal rituals but I have been thinking and meditating on this matter.

Now I began my first post with a lack of evidence and no real signs. An interesting event occurred this week.

I work in a sales type role. I enjoy my job and feel I do well. The last few months have been poor. A number of reasons but effectively it hasn’t been great. I really get on with my manager so we had a chat on it. He proposed something very radical that would in effect allow me to do something different and try a new route. It is a proposal I have considered before but now he was giving me the nod and green light to go for it.

I won’t go into the technicalities of it but the fact he said yes was such a proud moment and really demonstrated trust and commitment to my efforts.

I thought on this. I considered the pros and cons.

It gave me the chance to reflect on my achievements and recognitions and where I was in my role and the progress I have made. It was on this reflection that I actually decided not to do it.

Now this may seem a waste of time in the end but the reinvigorated attitude I have now is incredible and I then made two tricky deals that day I had been cultivating.

So is this all just coincidences? Maybe. I love my job and workplace and have great, understanding managers. To have a long standing want given the yes and for me to be shown or given clarity to actually decide against it and have it immediately proven to be the right decision.

I came to this forum looking for support and help. The advice was to focus the mind and look for coincidences. I have not called upon any particular entities or demons. I have not asked specifically for demonic support. But clearly my thoughts on the forum and the subjects at play…have they manifested into intent?

Please, I welcome your thoughts on this.


I personally presume this is a good luck and perhaps just a coincidence. I myself met some events just happened as the way I desired them to be.