Have I been possessed?

I was using the book Dragon of the Two Flames from Michael W Ford. I tried the ritual to call up the Caananite god Resheph. I followed the ritual steps exactly. I felt nothing and saw nothing. Part of the ritual was to ask it to enter inside of me and be a part of my temple. I asked it and felt nothing. I then blew out the candles, put my altar away and went to sleep. After laying in bed for a couple of minutes I then felt pulsating energy going through my abdomen and head. I have been shocked and felt a diesel drive by but I’ve never felt vibrating like this. I fell asleep like that.

There was a lot of incense in the air. Can breathing in too much incense cause something like that? Since then my views on the world have become more dark and my heart is more black and sadistic. But then again. Maybe it would have turned that way if I didn’t do the ritual. What are your thoughts?

Those vibrations are very common among lucid dreamers, and are often considered a precursor to OBEs. They seem to very in intensity from person to person, and can range from uncomfortable to painful.

I’ve never actually experienced them myself, only had a dream about having them after reading about everyone else having them.

Could possibly be rough transition into the dream which fades over time as you get used to it. I’m going to have to look into that.

I don’t think it was the incense, unless it was laced with some kind of drug, but I doubt that’s the case.

could simply be you opened up some thing in your subconscious mind, and it gave you what it thought you wanted, or expected to happen. the subconscious likes to play; it will take on the role of ghost, evil spirit, great grand dad or what ever the conscious mind - which is pretty much your self - wants to communicate with, like when using a ouija board, for example.

you attempted to get your self “possessed”, but say you felt nothing. could be the subconscious decided to give you what you wanted by coming up with, and then executing, those weird sensations you say you had while lying in bed. I would think this is most likely the case.

as to your darker out look on the world - that could also be due to your subconscious mind taking on the role of “evil spirit” or “dark god” or what ever, and changing the way you see things because it thinks that’s what you expected. or it could be that in doing this ritual, you opened up an aspect of your self and got your self in tune with that aspect.

or may be you really did get your self semi-possessed by some spirit or other. may be you should go in to meditation and ask your subby (subconscious) about it. but remember, it does like to play, so you may want to let it know in no uncertain terms that you want an honest answer, not for your subconscious to tell you what it thinks you want to hear.

any how, those are my views on the subject. : )

[quote=“dark_magician_1984, post:1, topic:6822”]I was using the book Dragon of the Two Flames from Michael W Ford. I tried the ritual to call up the Caananite god Resheph. I followed the ritual steps exactly.

… What are your thoughts?[/quote]

My thoughts are that you’re stacking this on top of doing the WoD Darkness exercise and that this is unwise - work one system at a time, because otherwise things could get out of hand.

I don’t mean that in a rude way, just that it’s important to have focus in magick and not a scattershot approach of tryong several different things, especially quite heavy initiatory things, all at once.

“The man who chases two rabbits ctaches neither” - etc. :slight_smile:

Actually this was two years ago before I began reading Works of Darkness and the Resheph ritual was all I had been concentrating on for the time being.

Right, got it, soz - it’s not unusual for ambitious people to try too many things at once, done it myself a few times. :slight_smile:

Other than that I think qwyzl nailed it, and it’s not unusual for the psychological effects of intimate spirit contact to intensify over time, this happened to me a few times.

What’s qwyzl?

The vibrations you mentioned were the exact sensations I was feeling the other night when I heard a spirit speak to me in a foreign tongue.
I posted about this experience if you wanna check it out.

It’s the “magician” with 46 posts as of 2PM Central Standard Time DEC9/2015. :smiley:

Yeah I’d like to read about that.