Have Black Magick Supplies Delivered Directly To Your Door!

Wanted to throw out a new project I have opened up because of the high volume of people asking me on where to get decent black magick supplies from. I thought I would create the solution myself since so many are unsatisfied with the how few black magick supply options there are out there.

Have you ever wished that you could have magickal supplies delivered straight to your door? Are you upset that there are no decent pagan/witch stores locally for you to order much needed equipment? Are you unsatisfied that most magick related products online are novelty and don’t cater to your needs?

The solution to this problem is now available with this new product the Magicians Mystery Box. With many great companies like Loot Crate providing subscription based physical products doing such a great job I thought wouldn’t it be great if Black Magicians and Occultists alike had this option for their magick?

Unlike other Loot Crate type products this one is not a subscription. You pay one time to recieve a box on the month that is available and it gets delivered straight to your door. Being magick related items this product is packaged plainly to provide customer discretion.

In each box you will recieve,

  1. Homemade Ritual/Spell Candles x2-3
  2. Homemade Incense
  3. Ritual/Annointing Oil
  4. Spell Oil
  5. Talisman/Fetish/Magickal Item
  6. Small Print Artwork
  7. Small Herb Bundle
  8. Spell Recipe
  9. Full Ritual Outline on Parchment Paper
  10. Stone/Mineral/Crystal

In each box the items will be focused around the ritual and spell included. You could if you wanted use all the elements in this box to the rituals outlined if you are looking for some practice. Each piece will compliment each other and you can use them all individually or collectively if you like.

With this product it is now possible to have great magickal products delivered to your door, to further your practice in the occult.

This first box will be sent out in December so if you are looking for a gift to give your significant other that will sate their occult thirst, this is the perfect stocking filler for you. Make the Christmas/Yule a Magickal one with the magickal gift that keeps on giving.



What ritual is this for? money ascent love
Or is this a custom job based on what the desired ritual is?

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Each box is different.

The one for December is focused around Yule. The mystery part in the name being relevant here lol

Decembers box will be focused around Yule rituals, working with spirits at the dark half of the year :wink: