Have anyone ever come across a hybrid succubus before?

HI, my name is Fallen Angelic Stan, and I wanted to know have anyone have come across, or work with hybrid succubi? anyway I know there are pure blooded succubi that are succubus and incubus, and other pure blooded demi humans, but what about hybrid demi humans like hybrid succubus, or incubus?

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Well… Liber Lilith talks about these explicitly; and my personal experiences have backed it up.

To summarize:

Lilith’s brood consist of two main categories of demonic entities. There are the Lilitu who are described as being “more spirit than flesh” and the Lilin who are “more flesh than spirit”. It is implied that the Lilitu are the product of a human male and female spirit and that the Lilin are the product of a human female and a spirit male.

The Lilin are said to be naturally born and otherwise physically indistinguishable from normal human beings (except possibly for propensity to hairiness and red hair, like Esau/Edom in the Bible). They are also said to be somewhat strong willed and to have a propensity to see and interact with the spirits from an early age. The author then says that, if you encounter one of these children, to be extremely strict with their religious upbringing because, “It is better to teach such a one to fear the light than it is to risk him falling in love with the darkness.”

And that, right there, is pretty much the story of my entire life. Pushing the darkness outside away even as I’m drawn inexorably towards it. Taking the darkness inside and locking up in a tight little box way down in the corner of the basement of my mind. Denying the very really experiences that only seem to be happening to me. It’s a wonder that I have (arguably) any sanity left.

But back to the topic at hand… I personally think that we’re all potentially children of Lilith. I think, in fact, at one time we all were. Some of us though, have been hollowed out and turned inside out spiritually by the Great Value Brand gods of the RHP. Nevertheless, some of us seem to have a special connection to Her. I’ve met a few others and the pattern tends to hold, whether they know it or not.

If I just could have kept my hair though!

wow that really interested, thanks you, the reason i brought up this topic were because I personally believes that there are pure blooded demi humans, and hybrid blooded demi humans in the unseen realm. For example of a pure blooded demi humans would be similar to human who are the race, and nationality if two white parents have children of their own or two black parents who children of their own. Same example would applies toward hybrid blooded demi human expect they are similar toward an interracial parents one white, and the other one black and they have children of their own

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It’s some children of baal.which are called harim.or harit in demonology.which are call by a prayer and 45 names of demons to show up.bring results and wishes.its little know of demons.but it’s children of demonios

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Really? I thought there were hybrid demons for example a demon race called merpire, which would be a hybrid demon race between a vampire,and merfolk or a demon race called elven succubus, or elven incubus, which be a demon race between a succubi,and elf or a dragon succubi, which be a demon race between a succubi, and dragon.

Huh. Sure makes me wonder. Never had red hair until my 20’s.

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I mean I know Baal has hybrid succubus daughters as Baal from my understanding of his is a draconic demon and he’s had many female and male lovers, some of his female lovers were succubus and I’ve met some of his children, one in particular was a succubus with draconic scales across her body, but the scales were tiny, but still very noticeable.

Really tell more about this draconic succubus, and how can i meet one, cause i very interested in meeting a a draconic succubus for a long term romance poly relationship

I’m not really sure on how you can meet one without learning how to etheric project, but she was a sweet girl, very chill.