Haures/Focalor working together?

I am experimenting with baneful magick. So far, great results. I called on 10 demons from a book called Demons of Wrath. Oh boy is it working well. The energy in my room when they all were there was fantastic. I was laughing like a psychopath because I knew my target wad screwed. It has only been a day and when I seen him today, his whole personality was different. Very different.

But this post is about these two spirits. As I have been researching these two for a couple of hours I have come to realise, both can destroy lives, both are powerful and very, very demonic. Just what I love.

Would they work well together? If nobody knows I will ask them myself. If not, I have another person I need to be dealt with as I am in business.


If it was me I would send them together
I would also request King Viné to remove the targets spiritual protection

Trinity works very well…
Hail King Vine
Hail Duke Flauros
Hail Duke Focalor

But Focalor is spirit of water while Haures is a spirit of fire
So it is always better to ask the spirits themselves
I hope you get results but remove your targets protection
Some folks are just born with more defensive measures.