Haunting with vampirism, making it offensive

That’s a big deal
During the last years, I made a lot of experience with vampirism. On human, on plants, on animals.
I practiced with succes, all of the exercices given by E.A in “working with the Darkness”. Becoming able to make people feel a bit tired after the contact or this kind of stuffs. Also experience taking two plants and drawing lifeforce from one and not the other, and slowly making it fade in two weeks.

But there is something that is not debated in “work with the darkness”, it’s the topic of astral vampirism and how to inflict fear, or desire to the target. I possess a lot of book on the question, all of M. Ford Litterature, books like Ardeth, some of the temple of the vampire …but nothing exempt the “ritual of the fearsome rays” from Michael Ford, that really deals about HOW to use vampirism to make the sleeping target to feel your presence, and even exagerate your feeling of hunger, desire, hate or wathever ou want…

Of course, we all know that a vampiric travel is about to feel the sleeping victim, feel inside the room, feel her life, draw it and return to your room…But is that all that give birth to the vampire myth of the last centuries ?
Didn’t all myth about the question speak of something obsessing and terrible and not only a kind of lifeforce parasite that feed without being noticed ?

It would be interresting here to discuss more about the full process during a ritual. I would like to create something that is not taught in most of sold books. Something really intrusive and disturbing.
Hoppe you will be helpfull…