I was down at my adopted 84 year old mothers home today, to wash the car then sweep the back yard which was only small, when i went out to wash her car, she came out and was telling me she heard a very loud banging sound like something fell from the cerling, last night she went out to investigat, and found nothing had fullen to the ground, so i carried on washing her Hyundi gets, finish that i pulled inside roller door down, she drove car in i told her i sweep the back now, so i went out the back i pulled inside roller door up to get broom to sweep up while mum was at washing machine as i was getting broom mums car keeped on locking and unlock it self indicator lights keeping on coming on and off together 3 times and 3 times stopping each time but i kept it to myself like nothing happened so i sweep from west to east until i finish, i went to get dust pan and broom and while i was picking up pile of dirt there it goes again car lock and unlock 6 more times 3 to 5 seconds intervals, so i had a chat, encourage it to stay, i never say boo to mum about it because shes Catholic, the one who interfere with my accent back when i was 19 years old, i even ask it to possess her car, then it went all quiet.