Dude. Welcome back. Now I made this topic for all the fucking haters that think it’s nice what happened to E.A. fake or Not I don’t care. But I just got one thing to say :
Aim directly at all the PPL that hate n post n laugh coz they not famous n don’t get a joy out of what happened to E.A., not cool. Eg. Rihanna a sexy singer was banned to come to South Africa or some shit coz she’s a celebrity and so is E.A. so PPL plaster that BS n bring his name down! He is doing this for us. U don’t want it then leave. All coZ they don’t get attention when they arrested? Come in guys. If a random guy gets arrested. U JUST JEALOUS THAT E.A IS MODERN CROWLEY? So keep your opinions to yourself coz when u get arrested for drugs and ammo allesgedly nobody cares. So keep your cock or virjayjay in your pants. Dispicable coz u not noticed whoever u are! U Wana join church then go but u guys/girls that laugh about this coz EA is famous n u not? It comes with the territory of power and game n money. Please be a little considerate, He has a kid condone man or woman.


The guy gets a lot of hate but im sure hes strong enough. I dont know the guy personally but he has helped me advance in many ways BIG up E.A Koetting!!