Has your spiritual practice changed the way others perceive you

What I mean is has there been a difference between how people in general, ranging from complete and utter strangers strangers to people who know you well, since you started actually practicing on the left hand path? I’m not talking about how they perceive what you do. I’m asking if you are perceived, by others, as some what a different person.


Naturally, people do tend to react to me differently than they did before I got into this stuff. I’m not left-hand-path, but this stuff isn’t path-specific.


How has it impacted their perception?

It really depends on the person, but I’ve noticed people tend to look at me as if I have greater authority than I actually do in a given situation.

Hiya OP! I only got clued in a few years ago that the strange perceptions and cognition I’ve experienced all my life are known to some as ‘magic’, so I can’t say how it’s affected people’s perception of me, but there are definite effects around others! People have seen me in places I’ve never been, nobody has any idea how old I am, and hardly anyone can tell my ethnicity or sex! :slight_smile:

I must have some sort of field following me though, because the effect I have on areas I move into is way more dramatic. I’ve termed this general concept ‘dimensional friction’ for lack of a better qualifier- people will see different versions of the same thing overlapping in front of them, objects behave as if they’re being interacted with by nothing, high strangeness is plentiful (meteor-landing style), and some people just warp! Exposure to me over a period of time seems to turn everybody nuts. :slight_smile:



I’ve been investigated by the law multiple times, there are many people in my hometown who go out of their way to avoid me, and those who read my reports online think i’m completely fucking crazy.

I also have some powerful people in the public arena secretly following my every move. Whether because they think i’m an inspiration or a threat, i have yet to figure out. It makes me wonder why, because i’m the most ordinary and unobtrusive person you’ll come across, but it is what it is.

People get funny when you go esoteric and get actual results. Funny as in wierd, not funny as in hahaha. So be ready for that.


Many people seem to be drawn to me and often ask me for advice since practicing. Even when I was younger when I started practicing many years ago.


Well, since I have started asking for specific things, people have been friendlier and more helpful. I’m working on that whole using various demons together thing. This is a newish (less than a year) turn in the practice for me.

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I am more of a RHP guy but yes, it also changed some of my physical appearance. Specially my eyes. Used to have big round eyes, those have turned small ( don’t know the right English word ), But sure U got the idea.

As for others perceiving me in terms of personality, also yes. Mainly cuz of the energetic change in me and change in mannerism and behavior due to spiritual practices. ( Folks think I am Super serious type and I am in many ways , though act a bit goofy here ).

So any form of spiritual practice will change your core being and thus how you are perceived as well.

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People just gravitate more and more towards me, but I’m always doing some work to increase my charisma and make an attractive energy around myself. Helps me in getting my way. I recently ran into a fellow that I went to highschool with who knew me before I was into this and then didn’t see me for three years. He was blown away by my change in personality and appearance and I’ve been told by women recently that I have a dark and “edgy” vibe. Didn’t get any of that until I was into the occult. Pagans and occultists also tend to naturally gravitate towards one and other and I’ve been meeting them left and right. It’s neat.


Just a lot of gawking. Fucking weirdos.

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We’re talking about the ones who don’t know I’m practicing, right? Well, I’m not sure, I was always weird and eccentric in other people’s eyes, so I learned from very young age to avoid people and not really notice how others perceive me…

As for the people who know about my practices in real life (aka 1 person lol) he never mentioned anything about it again after the day I told him what I’m doing. He used to speak about paranormal stuff with me but since that day he only speaks about mundane things. :woman_shrugging:


I don’t really tell anyone due to the general populations closed minds usually to the Occult.

Especially in my area of the UK where everyone pretends to be a Christian and goes to Church despite being hypocrites.

I have changed in myself, which has altered how others see me and treat me though. Especially since working with Belial. I take a lot less shit now.

It would seem they sense something, but are unsure what


Yes. A lot has changed.
Even though I am not a master in charisma (never been), where I go (physically speaking, not online) people love me, even the crankiest and most difficult people around. If they are unpleasant, they won’t be with me, and apparently they feel that I am a shining star. That helps me getting where I want and how I want it.
I also get some unusual staring, not sure whether it is because of my appearance (I consider myself pretty normal but hey) or whether because they perceive something?

People who know me a bit better (outside work and stuff) but don’t know about my spirituality say/joke about me being bedeviled, and that I have a sinister gaze that scares them and creates authority.
I feel more confident but I don’t think my demeanor has changed too much to consider all of that changes.