Has this happened to anyone else?

On August 15, 2018 at 1:11am I did The Invocation of the Nine Demonic Kings- Adapted by @CyberLord. I was told by Hekate that it would stretch me in my magicks. I cast an inverted Pentacle, called the elements, and read the ritual. After I was done, the whole room seemed to shift in and out of phase. I saw other dimensions shifting within as well. I am versed in psychopomping and dimension hopping, so seeing other dimensions is not an issue.

When I got done it was 3:33 am. Later that morning, my Acolyte @Eros( who was sleeping next door in my guest bedroom, told me that he saw and felt the same energies.

Later that evening when I came home from work, Both of my next door neighbors came to me and asked if everything was all right. Because their houses were affected by what I did as well.

So has anyone else been through this? I might have overstretched :stuck_out_tongue:


Your fine. If the energy is still affecting everyone in the next few days do a cleansing ritual.


Don’t you mean April 15, 2018 at 1:11am?

The ritual caused:

You may have opened a portal of some kind. Which, is what the ritual is meant to do…

Yes, I agree with Blaze. Do a strong banishing ritual unless you want the energies to linger.


I recall E.A. saying that he was doing evocations and not seeming to get physical phenomena, but then his neighbour complained about the loud banging they heard while he was doing it. Agree on the replies about what to do if it causes problems.


the 15th i woke up at 3:33am ^^