Has this happened to anyone else?

I am new so a little unsure of things. Earlier today I completed the evocation of 3 entities to help with a relationship issue. They are good with different components of what needs to be done and I checked for approval before using more than one. I normally have a few people I text during the day but today everyone has just not been in contact. (4 people, only 1 person sent 1 message) Unusual. Going through stuff in my head I thought to myself “gee no one is talking today” to which a different voice replied “We have stopped everyone else from contacting you for a while so that you won’t be distracted when the woman you asked us to work on for you contacts you.” Ever happen to anyone else?


Yep. Called cutting off distractions, it’s helpful.

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In fact, in order to get the one I desire, I told everyone else that kept trying to be a “one night stand” with me no and to fuck off because I’m willing to put that much time and energy into him, because I like him and appreciate him enough to not sleep around on him and waste his time, granted he isn’t mine YET! :wink:


Thanks for the reply. It was just a little weird not to have my normal conversations going on. Although the other conversations I have had with Marbas and others have been great.


Change is the only constant my friend.


I have been trying for 4 years to get this woman to talk to me because she hates me. :neutral_face:


That’s how I feel about this man but I’ve only had a week or so? But it’s not a hatred just not a willingness to actually talk but I’ll find a way with or without him. Believe it or not you might’ve just made me realize something by thinking a bit. Thanks.

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When I’d keep a demons sigil in my pocket,
I’d end up meeting old friends I haven’t met in years, and I did not wish to even meet them, i basically didn’t want them to see me in my state.

And also, I’ve been isolated from my friends and the world.

This is basically what I allowed to happen,
I did this to myself.

I was doing it to ask to be tormented and have my soul sold and go to hell.

Oh well!

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Both of you - HONEY JAR - research

Done, didn’t work, but I buried the honey and paper at the base of a new plant which has just started to flower.

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Do it again without the negativity, feed it, talk to it, love it, kiss it, light candles on it - just do it. It works - it is a slow slow burner.

Or the person who told me how to do it screwed up

Do your own research, online, multiple sources, lucky mojo etc. I don’t know how people just take one view and think it’s exactly right. Use the search here - research research research - if something is worth having PUT IN THE WORK.

Don’t like that view ok someone else will be around to sugarcoat it and probably say the same thing. While you’re at it, ask the entities what work you need to do on yourself to make yourself ready for love.

Yep lesson learnt. No way was just the name enough. That’s what happens when you trust someone else knows what they are doing. 18 months wasted

Try Amon he is good at reconcilling enemies and forming love too.


I have tried Dantalion and Vual yesterday.