Has there been a case where a Daemon physically healed somebody?

By ‘healed’, I mean through their vibrational frequency/energy (likewise, the ‘holy spirit’).


Yes, there have been? There’s cases here that you can read, and I’m sure elsewhere too.


From being beaten within inches of my life on multiple occasions in the cult I call the United States marine corps for being gay
and ending up in the mental hospital for suicidal thoughts, PTSD, depression, sleep disorders and then being homeless and jobless couch surfing

All took place imediately after the suicide of my brother, cousin, captain, and the attempted suicide of my first sergeant all within 2 months (THATS 8 WEEKS THIS ALL TOOK PLACE SO FAST AND NEAR EACHOTHER) and having reoccurring nightmares of doing the compressions on my cousins dying corps as his face turned white and eyes dilated and I sat on my knees in a pool of his blood. The dreams would shift to others I’ve witnessed and attempted to save to no avail, faces would change but the ending stayed the same.
Loosing my home and car and at my wit’s end just drifting homeless and jobless…
Crying to jehova to save me, as he shouted back "I am unworthy, I am sinful, I and a murderer for not being able to save them and I am an abomination for simply existing…

Yes… it was demons… Demons and pagan gods that appeared to me, mostly in sleep paralysis. They empowered me, drove my shadows away, took my victim mindset and burned it, and taught me to empower myself, rose me up to where you could not believe I am that same person, night and day,

I am the strongest I’ve ever been and feel more capable in dealing with life’s circumstances then ever. I am NOT a victim, I am now in a healthy relationship of 5 years, a wonderful decent house I OWN, a car I own, my own business that makes more than my last 9-5 and marine paycheck combined, with thousands in savings and attending college to become a geneticist. I was able to face my shadows and developer a sense of worthy ness and redemtion, and life’s curves, and decvistations no longer held any away.

THEY healed me and Now I can affirm beyond the shadow of a doubt I will never return to that horrid dark state of mind because even if the world is on fire and everything I know and hold dear is used against me and I am in the same situation or worse I AM THE ONE THING IN LIFE I CAN CONTROL and I have all the demons in the world to thank for showing me how to be the master of my self my state of mind well-being and esteem.

Know thyself and they can heal wonders!!!


I’ve personally had an instance where Andromalius helped with a health issue… I made a post about it here very recently.

My personal belief is that s/he is actually a healing snake, such as was venerated all across the ancient near and middle east.

As my doctors didn’t accept that there was a real issue in the first place, I can’t say that there was definitely a healing. but I feel better :slight_smile:

Thank you Andromalius!!


Not a demon, but my spirit husband healed a cut on my arm. I was going through a time of self harm, and not long before sleeping i inflicted one on my arm. It wasnt very deep, but the next morning i woke up and the cut was gone completely.like as if it was never there. And not long later he told me he had healed it.


I’ve worked with Marbas before to help alleviate the pain stemming from a handful of heart issues I’ve had since birth. It got to a point where just walking would be painful, but shortly after working with him all that pain went away and I can exercise regularly again. It really was surprising how quick and drastic the change was, given how I’d been dealing with it for years.


Over the past year or so i’ve been having trouble breathing and mysterious pain (nothing too extreme but perhaps due to a possible covid infection i had earlier in march) but it all went away instantly for at least a week and a half or so after being visited by king paimon and i was finally able to sleep well again. it was more effective than the inhaler i was given. it slowly came back after that period of week and a half passed as i felt the “afterglow” of his energy fade, but i have been persuaded that it could be possible for some spirits to affect a person physically sometimes? obviously not a replacement for a doctor, of course lol. please don’t replace healthcare with spirits.

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I know that I’ve been healed, by my lover though. When I was about to get a nasty case of the stomach flu. She’s pretty good at energy work and easing discomfort.


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