Has anyone worked with Raum?

When I woke up on Monday I had a word stuck in my mind that I didn’t recognize. It was the word Raum. I did some research on this word and found that it is one of the 72 demons of the Goetia.

According to what I have read online his element is fire, his color is red and his Incense is dragons blood. I have been working with these daily through my work with the draconian current. I have also read that this demon assists with draconian alchemy.

I feel like Raum is trying to communicate with me.

Has anyone else here worked with this demon? Can you give me any advice that will help me connect with Raum?



Hello, I have been serious about my reading of demonology books , a few weeks ago I had a dream of a older man telling me his name which I thought at first was Ra but after he repeated it I realized Raum and he had me repeat a chant , I awoke not knowing who he was even tho I read lesser keys of Solomon a week later I had my first out of body experience while I couldn’t move I heard a raging wind and saw in red vision like as in another dimension . After my experience I seemed to remember everything in detail about the dream I had a week ago and discovered Raum is 40th in goetia , he’s reaching out to me it seems, since then I’ve had lucid dreams and discovering how to control it and more dreams of the learning of invocation all I remember is “I invoke the powers of Raum…,” 12 months ago I had a very strange experience where a crow warned me of 4 grizzly bears creeping up on me and my family while camping this crow saved us and when we got home 40 miles away the same sounds of the night bird were hanging around our house which has never had any crows around and a few months later I was very angry at my boss and asked for help to myself and a month later he died and I got promoted and u can say it’s a coincidence but i believe it’s all Raum , every dream I have is a beautiful experience and I try to have no doubts or negative thought


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His element is air actually

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And I’ve been working with Raum alot recently so ask me what you’d like to know about the demon and I might be able to help :slight_smile:

Is raum one to work with when you want someone to apologize to you and make they cry to you…


Has Raum mentioned to you about him also being in human form?

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If you specifically request that of him, yes. Since one of his specialities is causing your enemies to feel romance towards you, it’s possible :slight_smile: just make sure to emphasize REGRET in your rite.


I have yet to witness Raum’s human or true form I’ve only seen him in crow form and so on. :thinking:

Do you work with him a lot

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