Has anyone worked with Lidérc and/or Chenor?

I was browsing Black Witch Coven, and I spotted this interesting demon of Hungary. Never worked with these bad boys, and I was wondering if anyone has worked with these demons? particularly Lidérc here, been looking for a Good Luck demon who can improve my life drastically. So, yeah I’m wondering why the lovely Savannah hasn’t put any instructions to summon this bloke, as she did with Mammon, Valac, and Clauneck? If you have worked with him, what’s he like, what offerings should I give him, and how do you summon him?

I also have another demon in mind, Chenor, so anyone worked with him, and the same questions from above here’s what I know


Also, does anyone know how to consecrate rope?

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I assume you’re talking about Chenor?

What offerings would be ideal for Chenor?

So animal sacrifice? I think I’ll stick with the coins and vodka

What day should I do all of this? My experience with offerings was this: make my request in a respectful tone, and then present them with my offering, so should I just tell him I’ll leave some coins (mostly pennies) in the crossroad.

What was your experience with this demon? Like how quick is he with your wishes?

so no specific day I should work with him?