Has anyone worked with fenrir the wolf

is this being even to be worked with if so whats your experience. where can i find more information.

I haven’t myself worked with Fenrir, however, I’m pretty sure you can work with any being you’d like.
So I suggest to evoke him yourself by saying “Fenrir, come” as E.A Koetting himself said it is effective with any entity when you don’t have sigils, or enns to say.

And if you have your clairaudience developed you could try and hear what the entity tells you.
I think that could be pretty interesting to experiment with.
Hope I helped somehow.

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I’ve met him, he’s atleast for me a really chill individual, however he rarely ever took his form as a jotun wolf. He was usually in his humanoid form. He resembled a more of his father to me than his mother. His energy however reflects his mom rather than Loki’s

Some use the rune version of the God(s) names to evoke them and Jotun are still very much Gods.

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