Has anyone worked with esoteric daoism?

I guess all I needed to ask I put in the title, but I guess I’ll write a few more things.

I’m looking into fu talisman craft. However, there are certain things I’m not getting, so I thought I’d ask. Though, I don’t see too many posts on the subject.

One specific thing I’d like to know is how does the Chinese pantheon work? I mean, you have gods, emperor’s, dragons, and ascended masters. I’m not really sure what is what. I mean, I get that ascended masters were once human, but what’s the relationship between gods and dragons? Or are the gods dragons. In fact it seems that the creation myth seems to involve primal beings passing responsibility of creation onto one another.

Along side that, who would you say is the Chinese god of Magick and the occult, or could be seen as such?

As far as I see it, Daoism seems to have a common goal of apotheosis with luciferianism, but has a more laid-back attitude. The book that I’m reading seems to encourage learning to commune with both light and dark forces. So, that’s good.

I’m also curious about what common people thought about those among them trying to reach immortality through occult means. In the Christian West, they’d be called heretics and subsequently vilified.

Essentially, I’m looking at an entirely new system, and getting a bit of culture shock. So, if anyone has any experience in daoism, it’d be great to hear about it.

Dragons were seen as messengers. They were believed to be intermediaries between Earth and Heaven, kind of like how angels were viewed by Christians.

They don’t really have one.

Unlike in the West, the ancient Chinese did not consider living on earth to be a bad thing so why wouldn’t they want to extend their life?