Has anyone worked with Belial?

I used his sigil to invite him into my body to help me grow as a magician, and help me know what I’m supposed to do next. Well, he answered. I experienced a full possession. He said some pretty mean things, but when he dismissed himself I felt oddly happy and like I knew what to do? And yesterday morning I woke up in a strange mood, and then just seconds later I heard this absurdly intimidating voice asking “Did you miss me?”. I knew it was him, but I didn’t feel scared, just motivated. I’m just wondering if this is his normal approach when helping people out? I would also like some books or something that describe or talk about him and his history, if anyone knows of any.

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There are 13 pages of threads with Belialish references if you use your handy dandy Search feature in the menu bar. People seem to have a lot of fascinating feedback. :slight_smile: He’s rather a delight, apparently.

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Better be careful with Belial, and have a goal in mind.

See, here’s the thing about Belial. As a powerful demon who rules over lawlessness, YOU, THE OPERATOR have to step up and take the reins.

Think of it like this: You work a 40 hour a week job and you get a paycheck. Occasionally overtime might be offered, and occasionally you might get a holiday or sick day, but by and large, you go in at a certain time, and you leave at a certain time.

Let’s say this structure completely evaporated. How many hours would you work a day? How many hours would you work a week? When would you go in? What would you change? A majority of people, especially those who lack discipline, would actually end up working less hours, have a more chaotic schedule, and end up making far less money for their paycheck.

A minority of people, those with self discipline and especially those who are goal oriented, would most likely end up working more hours, and in such a fashion as to maximize the time they do work. For instance, a bartender would choose to work Friday and Saturday nights religiously.

What Belial is especially useful for is destroying that order imposed in the first instance so the operator can assume control of his life and organize it how he sees fit. The potential downfall here is that the operator won’t necessarily have the stones to create his own structure, and end up with less than what he started with.

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I seem to have made contact with Belial again today, without doing anything to summon him. No voice or anything, just a feeling. It was very welcoming/inviting/proud. I have been researching and reading constantly ever since that encounter. I think his intent was to make me motivated, but i know he wants me to work on my own, at least when I can. I may try and contact Belial again soon, and this time being more confident and having a more specific goal. Also, I have been reading a lot on here about him I just wanted to see if this is normal. He’s a very aggressive teacher, but still a teacher.

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This is apt.

But, why worry about normality? Surely, that’s not part of your goal? :wink:

I suppose it shouldn’t be! Haha I’m just new and curious about things. This is all very exciting, which is why I’m trying to NOT just go crazy and talk to every being I can.

I was talking to a friend over on another forum about Belial, and I realised he’s one of the few beings - there are maybe half a dozen or so others, mostly not classed as “demonic” - who I just like: I feel like, even if we don’t see eye-to-eye (so to speak) on everything, my life is the richer for having him in it.

He’s got the human touch for communicating and understanding us (most of the time anyway) without fawning or being obsequious; he’s droll, he seems to observe humans with a kind of open-minded amusement at our antics, and he’s been completely trustworthy in every area under his competance so far, and (amusingly) lies like a dog, completely shamelessly and often in an almost parodic manner, when asked to do anything that’s outside his field of interest.

But sometimes even then he’ll help out in oblique ways, and hook me up with a being who truly can help, or give me a hint as to what I should really be caring about at that point.

There are many demons who are awe-inspiring, fascinating, and immensely dignified - Belial’s one of the few I could imagine having a night out with, cinema then fish and chips, and arguing about who pays the cab fare home.

That’s my take on him, so far at least - I’m not sure if it’s helpful and I don’t mean to dimiss or invalidate anyone’s bad experiences or anything, but I like who I like and their reputation or label doesn’t factor into it. And I like Belial.


Lady Eva, I couldn’t agree more! I’ve been having daily conversations with Belial, and I remember earlier yesterday I was asking if I was being bothersome by constantly asking so many little questions, and his response was laughter followed with “No! I don’t find it bothersome! more laughing If anything it’s interesting to hear these odd questions you have.” It’s like he enjoys the company or something haha.


Belial comes into my life too sometimes without me summoning or trying to evoke him. He’ll just show up, and will start conversations with me. Quite a few other entities do this with me, and I’ve purposely evoked them all, but Belial just seems to pop in for a chat and has a genuine interest. He’s always testing.

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Hmm interesting… I have lately been trying to contact Belial for the purpose of activating my psychic abilities so i could communicate with demons directly, i have been doing this mainly by sigil gazing methods… which would obviously make everything easier and so on - But i still haven’t heard him speak.

Although after 1 ritual that was given to me i had 4-5 sleeping paralyzes inside 1 night, but that happened only that once so far.

Thank Belial & EA for this forum- it is more of a Grimoire/living Scripture than about anything i ever deal with. Thanks all you participatory Living Oracles!

i have in the past 3 days been really targeting “B” working toward an external face to face experiance. Have not been to hard asking for my problems to be assisted as much as i am inclined. but I have to say- i am definetly getting some vibes and feelings- not sure if he would be taking credit; but with the onslought of galactic septic tankes being emptied on my head- today was sure a push back in a wonderful way which I am more than happy to credit to him. Which also has me now going to make a new topic based on something which has really itched me from day one I was 'introduced" to him. I Love Belial- and we’ve only just begun!