Has anyone used Magick to locate missing children?

Just curious- I’ve seen some tarot readings on famous cases and I honestly wouldn’t mess with the heartstrings of the families involved unless I had proof personally that I was correct.

But ones very public - has anyone been tempted to “look” and believe they know anything?

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There are some psychic readers who work with investigators to do this infact their specialitst and full time profession is this. One person I know is Pam Coronado. She even has a foundation created for this where people volunteer for their time. The volunteers are other psychics or people with paranormal abilities or senses but never heard of Magick being used for this. Will be awesome if people with such gifts use it for the greater good of humanity.

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I always wonder about Madeline McCann and Andrew Gosden… but then they are very famous cases… would be great if Magick could speed up closure… although there’s tons of missing ones without the publicity

There are many many cases, not all get media exposure or documentaries made.

I guess in Magick you have to already know the target where as psychics look for the target. A combination of Magick and psychic will work well. I would love to hear from the folks here who have this power.

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There is a spirit in Konstantinos’ book Summoning Spirits who specialises in finding missing people and will report back on their whereabouts. However, they will only do so if the missing person wants to be found.