Has anyone used Healing Magick by Rose Manning?

If anyone has used the book Healing Magick by Rose Manning did it work for you?

If you haven’t are there similar books you could recommend that you have used that worked for you?


For myself, I’ve used the sleep ritual. I used it pretty much every night for a couple of months. I found it was very effective at causing me to fall asleep quickly. But not so good at getting me to stay asleep.
After a couple of months use I discontinued and found that I had habituated to the new ability of falling asleep quickly. Which was great. So it definitely did have a beneficial result.

The only other rituals I’ve used were for someone else, but it was someone I had no way of getting feedback about so I don’t know if there was a result.
I did also do one of the rituals for a friend’s ill dog. He did improve rapidly so I was like wooohooo but then I learned that the vet had put him on new medication a few days before I had performed the ritual, so I have no way of knowing if it was effective.

As to similar books, I haven’t come across any others specifically about healing magick that don’t require tools.
A lot of other books will have the odd healing ritual of some kind thrown in amongst other stuff of course.


Tbh I got this book, it’s really simple and it seems great, but I never tried it. I also got her Angels of Fortune book but, same thing, haven’t tried it yet.


I have used healing magick along with regular medicines in my medical practice, like healing acute and chronic pain in my patients effectively(cases in which medicine alone will not work for sure)

And in another case i used it to heal a breast cancer patient, but there was a relapse again after two years.

And of course it helps in giving a comfortable sleep also.

But not suitable to tackle viral infections associated with blood.


Interesting. I appreciate when other medicine is involved, its hard to know how much is the ritual and how much is medicine, but I was wondering generally how high a success rate would you estimate?

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Great book!

Even if you feel mostly fine, but have certain unnecessary fears or low moods, the ease depression and anxiety rituals are good. I’ve felt great in objectively horrible situations and bad in some of the best circumstances of my life. It’s really a mental thing, more or less.

I’ve used it for an exercise injury, and I found the best treatment while the condition remained minor.