Has anyone tried the staring at ceiling and wall technique to soul travel?

On his website, Koetting talks about a technique for soul travel of staring at the line between the wall and ceiling and then leaving your body. Has anyone tried this and/or succeded at it?

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I haven’t the method I made for myself was to visualize a weighted blanket on myself which helps in losing focus of my body and going basically numb and then proceeding to try and move my body.

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The technique you’re talking about isn’t specifically for soul travel. It’s simply a method for getting into a trance state. Once you’re in the trance state, you can use it for anything.


Yeah open eyed is how I get most of my visions so I have stared at a lot of random stuff. Drop ceilings and walls with designs or irregularities in the plaster are good for this.

Sorry If this is a dumb question, do you blink when attempting this?

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Only when you absolutely have too

I’ve only successfully astral projected twice. Almost 3 times.

The first time, I was in the vibration state, but I noticed that my salt lamp had somehow been turned on in the night. It was turned on by someone I was living with, after that I told them not to anymore.

The second time. I was sicker than a dog and fell asleep on the couch, sitting up. I very distinctly remember suddenly being able to move my head and look around but I was aware that I was physically asleep. I felt and saw the same person who turned on my salt lamp take my glasses off my face while talking to someone else. I eventually told them and repeated the exact conversation word for word to them and they asked me how I knew that because I was asleep and I told them I had astral projected.

The third time, I stayed up for 2 days straight to to the excitement of being able to get my hair dyed for the first time. In the chair, I didn’t say anything. I just stared at the mirror. I didn’t have my glasses on so my vision was blurry and I had been in the chair for nearly an hour. After a while my vision started to clear up and I noticed these shadow figures in the mirror standing behind me. All of the sudden, I was watching the back of my head being dyed by the hair dresser. I wandered around the building for a bit, stopped in front of my face and looked at myself. I had fallen asleep with my eyes open while staring at the mirror.

I’m still having trouble astral projecting, I’ve been trying to. But it only seems to work while I’m sitting up and in a state of exhaustion or illness.

Never tried the staring at wall or ceiling method, but I did manage to do it while staring at a mirror.


I tried this shit and ended up calling my mom. I was like mommy mommy. Help