Has anyone soul-traveled in outer space?

Has anyone here soul traveled in the physical plane and left the Earth’s atmosphere to explore the cosmos, and if so, what was it like?


to be honest soul travel exsists on a different plane you can go to someone else and talk to them on that plane it looks like our plane but its what everything truly looks like so i dont think its possible i might be wrong and if i am then ok but i doubt it.

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You have to go out quite a bit but things get quite interesting out there. Especially when you find other planets with intelligent life. Don’t want to give out too many spoilers though. You should learn it and go out for yourself.


There is a book about remote viewing by a guy that used to be part of the Air Force’s RV program, that talks about travelling to another planet in astral form and actually being openly recognized by these alien beings, even though they were physical and he was not. I think the author’s name was McMoneagle or something.

I’ve thought about doing so if I ever manage to master soul travel. I’ve always wanted to travel among the stars.


Compared to most things, it’s not that exciting.