Has anyone seen the "God" of Death?

Has anyone seen or communed with him before? If you have I would like to know and compare it to my experience with something i think was the God of death

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Which one.


there are a couple of gods of death my friend. Santisima Muerte, Osiris, Hades…the list goes on and on.

what was your experience like?


Any of them my preference is the Greek God of death

Sigh. Again. Which one? There are a few in that pantheon.

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Also hades in mythology Is not the God of death hes like Lucifer basically

In fact, look them up.

Uh, no?


Ok bad wording hades is the God of the underworld not death

where the souls of the dead reside.

should have changed your wording, should’ve been “death god” and not “god of death”

“god of death” sort of evokes more seriousness into the title.


so the reaper and not the steward

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When I was a child I had a lucid dream I was outside on the car in the driveway. I jumped off the back walked to the end of the driveway and looked under the car. A pair of red eyes were underneath, they came out and revealed a reaper. Yes a literal reaper, scythe and all.

He whipped out his scythe swung it toward me, I dodged it and ran up and grabbed it. We battled back and forth staring each other in the eyes until I plunged into darkness in front of the reaper. I woke up, startled as hell and pouring sweat.

Does this count?

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I’m not sure it could but I’m not so sure

I’ve met Anubis before.

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The deathliest spirit I’ve seen was a great spider god I named Kronos. It might be the actual Kronos. I’m a little bit arachnaphobic so that’s a fuck of a form in my eyes.

I’ve seen him tower over my house and look in my window. That was the gnarliest thing I’ve ever seen an entity do. I kept my shit together and am proud of it. Since then I’ve had a better hold on my spider fear as well as my fear of freaky spirits.

Kronos is still around. He’s a bit like a Lovecraftian psycho god. I try to not dwell on him unless I’m down to get weird.

There’s so many different gods of death. Each one has a unique personality and described function. Vodou for instance, has a whole family of death gods, each serving a separate function and role. What do you seek to gain from working with a god of death?

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Not nessicarally seek more like I’m interested to hear others experience and see if I had an encounter with one. That’s all.

When you say kronos I think of the titan/God of time

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