Has anyone seen shadow children before?

I’ve recently had a vision during meditation where I saw the completely black silhouettes of a young boy and a girl wearing a skirt or a dress. They were holding hands and ran directly in front of me. In my mind’s eye, I saw a rectangle box form and worked like a window or tv. Within it, I saw where the children had come from. It looked just like a regular, old suburb from maybe the 80s or 90s. I saw the fronts of three houses and yards before the vision stopped.

This immediately reminded me of an experience I had written off as a possibly-laced weed-induced hallucination. About nine years ago, I had tried a bong for the first time and as per usual when I’d smoke marijuana, I’d have some light hallucinations. My friend and his roommate took hits off the same bong, but didn’t report any hallucinatory effects. I remember my friend telling me I was lucky and wished it acted like a psychedelic for him.

My friend drove me home not too long afterwards and I vividly remember screaming, “Watch out!” It was the same shadow children I’ve seen during my meditation recently. They were holding hands and had ran in front of the car so close I was genuinely terrified we would hit them. He slammed on the breaks and it quickly dawned on me they were likely hallucinations instead of real children. I aplogized to my friend and then said, “We can turn here.” No sooner had those words left my mouth, the entire very vividly detailed street I was looking at disappeared and was replaced with a house. I looked around and saw I had yelled for him to stop the car in the middle of a block. I kept my mouth shut in fear of mistaking another hallucination for reality.

I thought it was strange to be sober now and yet see the same two shadow children still holding hands during my meditation. I found it odd that streets and homes were as detailed and colorful as ours, but they themselves were not at all.

I’ve seen a lot of shadow people topics, but shadow children and glimpses at a neighborhood that doesn’t exist here are rare.


Do shadow teenagers count? My old apartment was haunted by a mother and her teenage daughters, and several people kept seeing a shadow person about the size of the younger teenager.


It does. I never got a bad vibe beyond mischievously playful. Did you pick up any vibes from the mother and teens?

Not really, they were harmless. One of the teens liked to move things around, the other one liked to play with our cat late at night. The mother was less active, but when she was active, I would see “flashes” of her and pick up her thoughts (she committed suicide in the apartment…I think she suffered from mood swings).

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Yes, but these type fit squarely into the category of Shadow people. Never been human and usually feed through strong emotional responses. Not necessarily good or bad beings.

My son first saw one the size of himself (around a 9-10 year old) and I’ve also seen a few around the same area of the house. It is my belief that these beings use our actual shadow-self as a bridge into our reality. Once they ride in with our shadow they manifest using parts of our self and emotion. They are not us but they use part of us to anchor into the space. So in other words the more suppressed your shadow is, the stronger the manifestation and the more they can feed.

They also seem to have some type of hierarchy while maintaining a hive minded approach to their agendas. Some believe, I can’t verify this yet, that the higher Shadows are banished to eternal darkness of the Void and cannot pass through. However, the ones that are here are the lower level legions that feed to maintain the hive. Again, some have claimed that the higher Shadows can’t come through but you can access them. Probably a dangerous operation if you ask me. While Shadow people are typically neutral entities that look for low hanging fruit or a quick snack, they can be very physical and malicious if you’re own Shadow-self is unbalanced.

I’ve dealt with Shadow people all my life. I’ve learned how to deal with them in positive ways. But again, working with them is tricky and communication is also little unorthodox at times. I good read on the subject is the Shadownomicon by D.H. Thorne. Not much good material on the subject but that will get you started if that’s a path you want to take. Just take the warnings serious!

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