Has anyone physical appearance been perceived differently by others after spirit encounters?

so it’s a weird question but my family justs got back from a little 3 day vacation and I’ve been doing evocation and such before and during the time they were gone. they saw me daily before they lefy. anyways they get back and first my little brother says i loom different and then my mother said the same thing.

they say they dont know what it is about me other than that it’s a good different and my mom mentioned my eyes gave changed. she said my i look better than before (although I didn’t look bad previously)

I look the same to myself personally. have any of you guys/girls experiences this? I just find it a little weird and the only explanation I can think of is because of my contact with other entities. I am very curious about this.


Nobodies said anything to me. But I’ve always been very self aware of my body. I notice I stand taller and feel a bit taller than previous. I also have a different tone to my voice. And I seem to be losing weight (my work pants no longer fit. And let me tell you I dont eat that healthy.) My boyfriend also seems to be growing more respectful towards me as if i have an air that intimidates him. My singing has also grown more powerful. I feel safer and more confident. I feel less fear. And I’ve also started getting better at math oddly enough. I am terrible at it.

So I am sure as we work with the spirits more we will grow more and more to look the way our true selves should, because we’re breaking through our shells and becoming who we each need to be.

I have been very pleased with working with Lucifer. :slight_smile:


My physical appearance had not been perceived differently by others after spirit encounters, but others told me frequently that my personality changed and that I’m not anymore the person I was before and that I became “retarded and idiotic” and that I don’t live anymore in this world and that I think that I’m lost in another world and that I’m not anymore a normal kid :rofl::rofl: (when people told me that I’m retarded and idiotic they were reffering to the fact that I got into magick/occultism and that it was the only thing that I knew to do and enjoyed doing)

It’s for sure that after you evoked/made contact with an entity/entities you will change in some ways.
(I never thought that it’s possible that the physical appearance to change after contacts with entities, but now I consider that) Just the fact that you made contact with higher forces will cause changes in your perceptions/will traumatize you in some way or another and you’ll become more like the entity that you made contact with. (that’s in the case if you worked multiple times with a specific entity/entities) That process will continue till there’s almost not a difference between you and the spirit/entity (of course, as I said, that’s just in the case if your working frequently with that specific entity/those specific entities).

You want to say that the people around you like the change that took place in you? (and probably it’s still continuing). Try to introduce them in suble ways the entity/entities you worked with and that you think that cause that change into you. It would be interesting to see that.

I tried to express myself in English in the best and correct way so that you can understand, English is not my main language.

as for telling them im working with lucifer and other demons ugghhh hell no are you crazy? don’t you know how society is? if i tell my family that they will think I am truly crazy and I don’t need that shit. I have no type of mental illness whatsoever but if i tell them that they will surely think otherwise and try to send me to the point him so no, no thank you lol. the reason people think that certain way about you is because you openly told them about it so now your judged. as you get older you will no when and when not to hide things. occultosm in any form is something you hide from those who habe closed minds. before I got into any of this I always thought people that did this shit were automatically damned for eternal torture of some sort after or that bad things would happen to them and I didn’t even believe in religion! imagine what those who do think about it if they even acknowledge that this shit is real. I know you were just trying to help but i think Anyone who follows your advice on that is in for a load of misery

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yea I can agree with most of what you said. my biggest question was on the physical appearance. it was on 3 days that they didn’t see me for lol. I have already changed for the better so far anyways since my working with these entities. My biggest concern is that when i begin to see and hear these entities clearly that i remain grounded in my sanity, if you know what I mean. at first ibwas kind of pissed that i have been unable to see and fully heat spirits at all but now I think of it as almost a defense mechanism for the brain. slowly transitioning me so i remain stable. I feel like too much too fast would probably drive most people insane.


I said “suble ways”, bro, meaning that you need to codify it. See the impressions that you get from them and compare them to the impressions they have about you, because you became in some way or another like the entity/entities you made contact with.

Same thing happens to me, I’ve lost over 5kg in less than 2 weeks and I’m not eating less or exercise more… I don’t mind obviously, just saying! Oh, I also had some health checks recently, nothing’s wrong, so yea.

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The people around me already tell me and think that I’m crazy (since a loong time ago), so that’s not such a big deal for me. :sweat_smile:

oh ok well I still don’t know how i could do that without seeming crazy one way or another lol

ya not so for me and i wanna keep it that way lol

There are so many ways to codify a message by making refferences to things that could lead to symbolism which it’s linked to what your trying to “codify”.

I think the same is happened to me too. I looked at myself in the mirror with my shirt off after fucking this chick last night and I looked more solid but i haven’t been working out. maybe It was because I just had my blood flowing a couple mins prior but idk I seem to be losing weight as well even though i haven’t weighed myself recently

if you have any real world examples lemme know otherwise I don’t think it’s worth a shot. I found out recently my uncle is Wiccan but he’s never spoken about it to me. he seems like the type of guy who might be into the occult but i just got into it recently and have not asked him. he would be the first person I would ever approach in a method like your saying if i ever do

Yeap I didn’t noticed as well, others told me and then I checked.

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Never would I mind. Lol :slight_smile: I have a problem with my body that makes it hard for me to lose weight so I couldnt be happier. (Even when I was on a hard diet and exercise routine.) I miss running quite a lot now too. Probably going to get back into that after about 4 years too.

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I can agree and relate In particular to changes I’ve noticed with the ways in which my eyes change. Nothing negative ever but overall I’ve taken notice to subtle changes over time.


my eyes seem to change instantly to a different color or different shade after a ritual. a little while ago i did an evoc. and I looked on the mirror aft3r and my eyes were a weird shade of brown which I haven’t seen before. also I have hazel eyes so they change colors anyways but now it’s more often and a broader spectrum of completely different colors. I also feel more free.(if that makes sense). I’m happier and feel more confident in general just all around better. my anxiety seems to have for the most part left me. I talk to random people and have in-depth conversations now (whichI would never have done before) I feel more in control of my life for once. hard to explain. but yea the whole physical thing really made me think on everything especially since I don’t ever recall asking any entity for help changing my physical appearance before either


All. The. Time.

More than just appearance and age, if your boundaries are thin people just start seeing you everywhere. As in, ‘two floors at the same time while driving a car’ everywhere.

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Magick can truly give you everything you ever wanted or dreamed of and then some!

I’ve reached a point now where my “faith” has been replaced by “understanding” and my understanding has been overtaken also in some areas with only what I can describe as “wisdom.”

There are plenty of real life examples on here and elsewhere that testify to the fact that some people have had a total life makeover for the better as a result of applying occult knowledge.

Nothing is impossible!

All the best my friends


My personal opinion in regard to this is that they either didnt notice something different about you BECAUSE they saw you everyday and picked up on it once they hadnt seen you for a few days, or they are picking up on a change in your aura, making contact with spirits DOES change your energetic field, which is why they mayyyy be noticing this change but do not realize it. I could be wrong on both points. It is just my opinion