Has anyone here has worked with hindu gods of love and lust kamadeva or rati (his counterpart)?

Has anyone here worked with the hindu gods of love and lust kamadeva and his wife rati?
i tired to look in the forum but there isnt a single topic about it.

I try rati. Nothing, but its a japanes spirt, call may izon ,or something like tat, or hindo, _whatever, maybe mayzon ay.? Which was fast 4 me to get a girl love me i use inciense only and candles, its fast.

I also call venus, sheva togheter. And works fadt 4 me,

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thats great … tell me more . cant find anything about izon or hindo or mayzon.

hes a intersting character to work with but when you work with vaskiran mantras work with him

It eas a ebook by raymundo rodriguez. He has 3 sex ebooks, but cnt remember which. I tnk the one whit the black hod guy. I tnk he hes the only one author who has tat, i will chk and repost tmw,

Hes a god of japaneses or tibetan hindu. Sex is hes stile, very fast u just need inciense candle and offering of watet or drink. I tell him about tis girl. And work fast, i tnk is ay maizon. Or somethi g.,

Aizen myoo.its the god

have u evoked him?

yes you see these beings in your astral version thouth

Odd, I was literally looking at these two while meditating yesterday

Yes i did few times very fast god, results, not its no astral. Its a real god. U can google and adapt to you, stile, its the few i already work on matters of love, sex, lust. And not many knw of him.

can u tell me more about the workings involving them ?

LOA eh! :smiley:

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mostly he can speed up vaskirian mantra if you have patience with him

do u have any stories of working with him ?

not really but I can say kemdev he has a sense of humor\

tell me more about workings of vashikaran. have you worked on some ? @Bloodwarrior

yes general attraction stuff make world seem your better glamor

sorry i dont understand