Has anyone heard of these spells before?

I was doing some research on several different things when I came across these spells. Now, I’m not an expert so I was just hoping someone here could clarify if these are actual spells or simply something else? They are sex spells and on the site it said that they are extremely powerful so before I write them down in my grimoire draft, I just wanted to make sure that maybe others have heard of them before?

Spell 1:

Prepare two naked dolls out of mud or clay. Write your name on one doll and your target’s name on the other doll (based on which doll represents who). Once the dolls are prepared, take grey hair strands of an old lady and tie the 2 dolls together.
Recite the following chant : YAA MILANO VO HOYE YAA
Repeat this chant 200 times and then put the dolls in a box. Seal the box with tape.

Spell 2
Get 2 big candles. A white one to represent you and a red one to represent your target. Write the names corresponding to the people on each. You have to be wearing white clothes and the spell must be cast at or before sunrise or early in the morning.
Light both candles together and chant the following: (your name) TERAN MILAN JOYE ANUSAAR (target’s name).
Chant this 360 times.
Collect the wax of the candle that has metled and bury it outside the house of your target so that he/she will always pass the wax.

I’ve read similar spells in hoodoo work, but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen/heard of these spells before?

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The first one just reminds me of other spells where a voodoo doll is created from clay. Thats about it. Sounds like they could work though as long as the intent is there.

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I can read a few languages. And read 6 foros on magik besides enghlish nevet see tis bfre, and i have read a lot of sex spells, and old books, is aniway u can give the foro here o pm? Its seems muslim to me, not old school magik.

.0005 seconds in google shows they are from Muslim love sites.

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I knew it from the star, .

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Is that a good thing or…

I got it from a Vashikaran site… but okay, well what does that mean? Is it legitimate or …

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